Sunday, October 28, 2018

Well There Is A Little Good News Today

The Bobba Fett movie has been cancelled.

Don't get me wrong.  I think I could actually get into a Bobba Fett movie...if it was done right.  If as a massive for instance, that it followed his adventures AFTER he got out of the pit and the story makes it clear that he had been drunk off his ass on Jabba's barge before he fell into it.

Bobba Fett was one of the most intriguing characters to come out of Empire because of the aura of mystery that surrounded him.  And I honestly thought that Lucas' providing him with an origin story in Attack of the Clones was a huge error in story telling.  Although possibly one that could be overcome.  It was never explicitly stated why Jango Fett needed a clone of himself.  The audience is left to assume it was because he wanted a son but because Lucas was a lazy hack there is the possibility that he needed a clone for something else.  Something a lot darker perhaps?  Something not at all in Bobba's interest, maybe?  Possibly it is also something else that involves his half-brothers, the Clone Troopers.

But let's face it, we all knew what Cray-Cray Kay-Kay was going to deliver.


Andy said...

The Tyrus Rechs sub-series in Galaxy's Edge proves that a Boba Fett movie could work. Both of those were awesome and preserved the character's mystery.

Jon Favreau's TV show is called The Mandalorian, which implies that it'll be about Fett, but given we haven't seen the character unmasked along with Cray-Cray's compulsion to force (Force?) women into everything in Star Wars, I'd put a thousand-dollar bet on it being either Sabine from Rebels or some other new surprise female character a la the chick in Solo.

I always felt that George shoehorning Fett into the prequels was an attempt to throw red meat to the fans by giving him more to do than just look awesome and die.

Cataline Sergius said...


The thing about Bobba Fett was that if was going to do die, then Han Solo should have shot him in High Noon Walkdown.

They gave him such a huge build up and then all he did was get a humiliating and accidental beatdown.

Ultimately, poor old Bobba Fett was Chekhov's Gun that was never fired.

Cambias said...

I think Boba Fett's popularity was due to the legendarily awful Star Wars Christmas Special. I was there. I watched it. In between lame-ass comedy routines and lame-ass musical acts, there was one five-minute cartoon of this new character Boba Fett. He shot people and rode a dinosaur thing and was flat-out awesome! Then the show went back to being horrible again.

For an entire generation of young Americans, Boba Fett was like the soldier who liberated us from a prison camp.

Silent Draco said...

Han was still partly incapacitated by carbonite freezing. The leave the last Jedi to fight Boba Fett, getting to lightsaber range inside blaster rifle and pistol fire. The result could have been similar but with an awesome display of remorseless fighting by Luke. Think "High Plains Jedi", or "For a Few Credits More".

That was my first down-check for RoTJ.
Next down-check: cosmic teddy bears.
Czech, please: your SISTER!

Monty said...

As far as I'm concerned the new movies are not canon.

Kat Kennedy: Star Wars Heresiarch

Should have used one of the old Han Solo novels for the movie. I was always fond of Han Solo at Stars End.

Jester said...

Why do you keep misspelling his name?

Cataline Sergius said...


Because Blogger kept changing it to Bobba for some damn reason and I got tired of fighting it.

Next unwelcome and likely to get you banned question?