Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cataline's Take on the Migrant Crisis


It's a nothing-burger.

I admit the timing is suspicious but if it was Soros that paid for it then the man is finally getting senile, if it's his son...good, It was his father that was the Irreplaceable Man.

When they reach the border they will either be rounded up and put in internment camps or they will riot and a few will be killed.  The optics are bad on that last one but at this point, the mission has failed either way.  The GOP base is now roused and the Democrats are treating it like the fucking plague.


If El Universal News is correct and the number is now at 14,000 then we would appear to have a proper Children's Crusade on our hands.  It has now grown beyond control of the men who paid for it. and will be a genuine humanitarian crisis long before it reaches the US border.  

Although frankly I doubt these numbers.  They would already be dying by the roadside in heaps.  I know a bit about logistics and you can't feed and water that many people on the move without a major support system.


Jew613 said...

Even a relatively small march needs huge logistical support. Huge deliveries of food, water, toilet facilities and places to sleep are a necessity. There has to be serious money behind this.

While the total number isnt so bad the optics are a disaster. Cataline i dont understand something, since you were in the American military maybe you can explain. In Israel when the Arabs tried their recent Zerg rush, Bibi gave the order the border is to be Defended by whatever means were necessary, tge army obeyed. Why doesn't President Trump just do the same?

Chris Lutz said...

Jew613, it's political. Gun down a big rush and the press will spend eternity brining up the "unwarranted slaughter of women and children" by dictator Trump. There would be four movies and three miniseries about it in less than a year. The "elites" don't believe we should have borders. Instead we should be a mass of barely subsisting peasants beholden to their whims.

My personal plan would be to destroy all of the road infrastructure in the path of the invasion column. Don't kill people but make it impossible for them to keep moving.

Robert Pinkerton said...

Before the turn of the century I read a brief article about a sonic device called the "Curdler," which, when pointed at a person within range, would make that person involuntarily defecate. Is such available for deployment here?

Cataline Sergius said...


The problem is that the US military doesn't have any means of non-lethal engagement. We looked at that stuff in the 1990s and then gratefully threw it all away after 9-11.

Lethal force is it and you are after all, talking about poverty stricken MS-13 but I'm pretty sure they won't get mentioned. Neither will the Muslims traveling with them.

Jew613 said...

Fair enough, but these people are invading your country. Who cares why or hone they are trying to steal what belongs to you and your children. Do what you must to protect yourselves, the world will condemn, but better to have your own land and be hated by the whole world, then a graveyard that's loved by it.

owlish said...

The problem with the non-lethal stuff was that you couldn't be certain it would be non-lethal. Something that will incapacitate a middle aged man has a chance to kill children or the elderly.

bob kuk mando ( i'm sorry you raped Andrea Dworkin and i disavow your Patriarchal Cisheteronormative Bourgeois Consciousness in shame ) said...

the Marxist US news media has been on the side of the illegals for ~50 years now.

can you imagine Bibi giving that "all costs" order, had the Israeli media been on the side of the Palestinians for the last 20 years?

that's what we're facing.

yes, it's stupid.

yes, in Dialectic terms, the march should be child's play to stop. as you point out, there is a LOT in logistics that is required to keep these people on the road. not least of which is free water and food.

the toilet facilities are a non-issue, these people don't give a damn about any mess they're leaving behind, especially when they don't intend to stay in Mexico.

and, if it comes to that, they can sleep on the ground. these people are from the 3rd world after all.

but you can stop these clowns the same way you stop any army on a long distance march;
1 - eliminate all motorized transport
2 - burn and pillage the countryside in front of them so that there is nothing for them to forage off of.

do those two things and they wouldn't get to the first hundred mile marker.