Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Think Ethan has Screwed Up

Last night Ethan Van Sciver formally denounced Vox Day and read him out of ComcsGate (tm apparently).

The way he did it was incredibly foolish.  In declaring his ownership of ComicsGate as a trademark he has painted a huge bullseye on himself.

He only thinks he's undergone an SJW siege.  He hasn't even come close to a real one yet.  His children haven't been threatened in public.  He hasn't been getting phone calls at three AM.  He hasn't been called a Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic whatever word salad is in vogue this minute by the likes of Anita Sarkassain and had Joss Whedon snarking about how terrible and over rated he is.

I know he thinks he has but in truth he has not and now he will because he has quite literally made himself the owner of ComicsGate.

UPDATE: Also he doesn't own ComicsGate.  I don't have the particulars but a certain Finnish publishing house is now very strongly maintaining that under Finland law, they own the TM.


Bradford Walker said...

It looks like Sciver signed off until he didn't: http://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-secret-of-comicartistpro.html

Cataline Sergius said...

This is my shocked face.

Rigel Kent said...

To borrow a phrase, "Gammas gonna gamma."

Mr. Bee said...

I know. The guy is an arrogant jerk who makes everything about himself. That being said, he's entertaining to watch in a kind of train wreck sort of what.

Sciver is fun to watch as well.

Cataline Sergius said...

Just so everyone is knows where I stand here.

I'm in Vox's corner on this one.

gnossoss said...

If I understand correctly, all Vox did was create the imprint. He said anyone can use it, it didn't even sound like he expected them to publish via Castalia House if they use it. He's fine if other people register variations or anything else, and it's largely just to hold it so DC or Marvel or others don't grab it themselves to subvert or destroy it.

I fail to see how anyone could be upset about it. He never said he owns ComicsGate or controls it. I guess the problem is that if anyone wanted to publish with that, media would say they're "associated with white supremacist Vox Day" or whatever, but they'd make up something else if it wasn't that, the media already hates ComicsGate people anyway.

The lesson seems to be: complain, stream, tweet, blog, vlog, but whatever you do, don't actually do anything about the SJW infestation in comics. If they think their bellyaching is going to de-converge Disney, they're in for a real disappointment.

Jew613 said...

Gnossoss, it will always be easier to whine. Vox does something real, this makes whiners look bad.