Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Interesting...Most interesting

This needs a little work but it's not a bad start. It's titled the Phases of a GeekerGate.

Cataline speculatively strokes his white fluffy cat and scratches her ears just above her diamond collar.

She purrs happily and then bites the shit of him...Naturally.

1. SJW CRITICISM – The IP is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.

2. IP IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time.

3. THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the IP both within its production and without in the fan base, and start lecturing long time fans.

4. FAN CRITICISM – Long time fans of the IP voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.

5. SJW RESPONSE TO FAN CRITICISM – A large fan backlash is created when SJWs both within and without the production falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic etc.

6. DISMISSING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces declaring the backlash doesn’t exist.

7. IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority.”

8. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs and websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech.”

9. BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression, backlashers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.

10. HATE HOAXES & FALSE FLAGS – The rank and file SJW activists get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating false flags and hate hoaxes in an effort to discredit critics.

11. IP FAILURES – The IP starts to falter as fans drift away and sales plummet.

12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a gay man) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the IP, and shame critics into silence.

13. DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event. Media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and buzzwords such as “toxic” in an effort to mischaracterize the fan base. Major news outlets report on the story, and quote these “think” pieces as authoritative.

14. ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrities and creative cast & crew answer the media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical fans, typically over false accusations.

15. THE FINAL PUSH – Media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time fans to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.

16. IP BLEEDING – The IP continues to hemorrhage money, as long time fans continue to abandon the IP in droves.

17. FANBASE OBLITERATION – The fanbase is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.

18. THE END – The new incarnation of the IP comes to an end. Since the majority of the fan base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it. It’s over. The best case scenario is that the original IP is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch. The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the IP overwrites the original IP, and the original IP is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future media mentions.

19. MIGRATION – The remaining SJWs jump ship to devour a new IP that is popular, and undergoing a transitional phase.

20. REBIRTH – The process begins anew.

This does tally with the attack on ComicsGate, FandomMenaceGate and GamerGate.

Oh and T-O-T-A-L-L-Y off is the trailer for this season's Doctor Who:


Mr. Bee said...

Personally, I prefer "skin suiting" to "BARNACLING". In line with Iowahawk's definitive tweet:

1. Identify a respected institution.
2. kill it.
3. gut it.
4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

Which covers more of the areas these disease carrying parasites infest than just popular culture.

Cataline Sergius said...

I am curious to see if any of these IPs can be recovered.

The corporate ownership of them makes this seem sadly unlikely. Sure they want success and money but they also want to adored as progressives themselves.

They would rather just walk away from these franchises and look for new ones rather than admit the SJWs poisoned them.

The one property whose corporate ownership really can't afford to do that is Star Wars.

If Star Wars isn't turned around they are going to be losing billions.

Mr. Bee said...

Did you say "reboot"? No problem.

bert bvdemier said...

So the fights isn't between the new fans vs the old "Toxic" fans.
The fight is between The Mouse vs the new fans.
The new fans converted the franchise too fast, and The Mouse needed at least 2-3 movies making at least a billion dollar out of the franchise.
And anybody telling us this isnt about money needs to look at the date of articles decrying the "Toxic" fandom. 99% of them are past may 24 this year, the day Solo started.

Analyzing the boxoffice numbers are interesting. TLJ(1,3 billion) was already a decline from TFA(2,0 billion) and R1 had a nice 1,0 billion boxoffice.
I think they expected solo to do 0,7-0,8 billion. A decline, but manageble in the SJW-handbook.
The problem is that Solo won't even make 0,4 billion. The conversion rate went to far too fast.
So remember, people, you can have your franchise converge, just don't converge it too fast.

Chris Lutz said...

They needed several films to break even with the money they spent acquiring the IP. That doesn't include the amount of money they would have made by simply putting $3 billion in the bank. The problem is most people and virtually all SJW's don't understand that gross receipts aren't what the studio makes. Rule of thumb is divide box office by half. Then increase the film cost by 50%-100%. Subtract that and what you have is a rough idea of what the film made. I would say that SW has made Disney around $2 billion at this point. With the ancillaries they are probably in the $3 billion range. But, the brand is dying, the ancillaries are drying up, and they'll be lucky to break even unless something turns around.

I doubt any of the main franchises can be saved in the current environment. The only choice is to burn them down and inflict pain on the SJW's.

owlish said...

A trailer for the new Teen Titans live action TV series is up. I'm guessing it'll last less than a season.