Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I just screamed NO at the top of my lungs. WHY. NO. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

This is the first genuine heartfelt fan reaction I've ever seen from Anita Sarkessian. This was a true cris de coeur of a fangirl who knows in her deepest heart that a bit of popculture that she loves dearly is about to be utterly ruined by SJW Entertainment Inc.

I'm about to repeat my spiel on the Blurring Effect.  Veterans of this blog know enough to skip ahead.

Did you know that 94% of all new movies last year were franchise releases of some kind or another? I didn't make that statistic up. Almost everything now is a sequel, a reboot or came from another title (Comics, YA lit and so on)

Because of Netflix, Hulu, youtube, Crackle, a billion cable channels and on and on, there has now been a Blurring Effect in pop culture entertainment. When Ghostbusters came out you could hype the hell out a new property and buy back your percentage through heavy marketing. One well placed TV ad could reach tens of millions. You could spend your way to cultural impact. That sure as hell ain't happening anymore. It just isn't possible to reach that big of an audience.

Movies are a business and in a business you need to minimize risk. The surest way to do that is to pick a property that is immune to the Blurring Effect. You pick something that already has a cultural impact.

Anything made before 1995 that was popular fits the bill.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer first came on to the scene as a film in 1992 and became much more successful as a series in 1997.  So Joss Whedon's signature IP can be grandfathered in.
Since this is 21 years later they can only reboot Buffy if she is black.  

Now I have never bothered to go on a rant about how I'm not a racist because 1. I'm not allowed to not be a racist anymore even if I do have a picture that proves I'm not. And 2; It's an argument I'm going to automatically lose because the SJWs are allowed to move the goal posts so much so, that actual black people are no longer considered black if it's convenient but Whites can be made so if they believe hard enough.  

But here is my point, I do have friends that are Black and I have never in my life met a single Black woman named Buffy.  Not one.

They have wrecked our favorite popculture IPs Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Star Trek, DC Comics, Ghostbusters and the list goes on and on.  However the problem for the SJWs is that they are now running out other people's IPs and are moving on to their own.

When they burn through those, what's left for them to ruin?


exfarmkid said...

"When they burn through those, what's left for them to ruin?"

Isn't when they expect to reach Nirvana?

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

Is this the part where the raging wild fire hits the fire break and can go no further because everything is already ashes/

Probably not. But a man can dream.

Jew613 said...

I'd give it a season. What the SJWs and their corporate overlords dont get is simply repeating the moments that had an emotional heft isnt enough. There were reasons you cared about the characters, but the reboots never seem able to make you care again.

It also doesnt help that the Left is an order of magnitude crazier then they were 20 years ago. Doctor Who has to be a woman. Charmed isnt about 3 sexy (and white)sisters fighting evil anymore, its about 3 plain sisters (of 3 races) fighting the patriarchy and proving intersectionality. Buffy isnt a high school girl given super powers to stand against evil. She's black.

The more insane the Left has become the worse entertainment has gotten. They just keep demanding the audience believe ever more preposterous things.

Chris Lutz said...

They won't stop until either the companies in charge clean house or the entertainment companies in this country are a smoking ruin. I'm betting the latter.

If they were doing this in the 70's, they could get away with it because there was nothing else. Now though, if you don't like their crud, you pop in your season of show X before they converged it.

I'm enjoying that they are starting to hit the shows the older SJW's like. But as it typical, the SJW of 20 years ago is the the evil of today's SJW.

cavalier973 said...

What they need to do is reboot "Firefly" as an all-reavers show. You can't get more SJW than that.

Mr. Bee said...

I disagree that the ubiquitous sequels and reboots are functions of not being able to reach a mass audience with advertising. "Star Wars" didn't need advertising. By the third show of the first day it debuted people were lining up outside and it wasn't heavily advertised at all. IMO, Hollywood has become so monolithic in it's culture that it can no longer relate to it's customers. Subsequently they just re-run stuff that worked before. This kind of thing happened previously when the "event" movies of the 60s died. The 70s were all about a diverse bunch of low budget good story movies aimed at a particular demographic. That's what folks like NETFLIX are doing now but there's no reason the movie companies can't do the same.

Chris Lutz said...

Got to disagree with you there Mr. Bee. By the turn of the century, things were accelerating into a highly fractured marketplace. In the 70's you could run a campaign for a week on a handful of TV shows and hit 80% of the country. Today I run across "hit" shows I have never heard of or let alone seen. The numbers for those shows are so small that in the 70's and 80's they would have been considered complete failures.

The 70's were mainly about cheaply made, poorly thought out movies that were supposed to appeal to the 'utes of the day. What still worked for Hollywood were still big films, just different genres. The sword and sandal, and Westerns were out of style. It moved towards sci-fi and action films. Jaws, Star Wars, Close Encounters, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, etc. Big films with a mass market appeal are what saved Hollywood from it's spiral in the late 60's/early 70's. Niche films are nice but they never produce the cash flow Hollywood needs. The one exception is probably horror films.

The only way Hollywood can possibly do niche filmmaking is to return to the studio system where actors/writers/directors/producers are all basically employees. The current system isn't really designed to produce smaller films that aren't simply Oscar bait.

Trimegistus said...

Somehow I doubt Ms. Sarkeesian is actually worried about the show sucking because of too much SJWism. I think she's having a tantrum over Joss Whedon being involved with something he created.

Mr. Bee said...

Chris: I'm sure you are more accurate than I in your movie time line. OTOH, I've been aware of nearly every movie that's offered and just don't see the reason to go to them. Maybe I spend more time on the net than the average movie goer, but advertisment density doesn't seem to bother me. Speaking of low budget small movies, have you seen "The Death of Stalin" yet? I got twice the enjoyment value out of that than TFA.