Thursday, June 21, 2018

Star Wars News

Don't get excited.

Yes, the spinoffs have been put on indefinite hold but that's only because Kathleen Kennedy has been quietly put out to pasture.  No point in spending millions just to develop something that the new guy is going to cancel.

You will note that the official word is that Rian Johnson's new trilogy is still a go.

And according to the rumor mill the new guy ain't gonna be Filoni. That was something the fans wanted and you know Lucasfilms response to that.  Fuck them!

This is not a surprise.  Bob Iger is an SJW himself so he's going to replace Kennedy with another SJW.  All SJWs replace like with like.

This is who they are going to be replacing Kathleen Kennedy with

Kiri Hart

If I was putting money on the table this would be the pony I was backing.  

Look guys, I hate to be a defeatist here but seriously Bob Iger doesn't give the slightest fuck about Star Wars.  This is the asshole that cheered all the way while ESPN was augereing in.  He just wants to feel good about being a super woke SJW executive and once the merger is in stone he can afford to let Star Wars blow up in the wire.

And yes, the merger is going through.  Fox has accepted Disney's counterbid.  Which means barring a miracle, Bob Iger no longer needs has to answer to Disney stockholders.

I wish I had better news for you but I don't.


A-n-n-n-d they are back on again.

Lucasfilm appears to be currently running as an anarcho-syndicalist commune.


Mr.MantraMan said...

IMO and the penny it's worth, SW the good ones was always a WWII spinoff and the rest were and still are a complete waste, barely watchable. I don't even know if they show the prequels on TV and the new stuff is a one shot watch and no "wows" gotta see it again.

About the WWII bit, most of the people alive today in this country think that "Hitler" is Trump's job title or something.

Run the name into the ground like a lawn dart attached to a copperhead missile.

Mr. Bee said...

Hope springs eternal. Perhaps the "murder inc" of the "Lucas story group" will learn their lesson, have some humility in the name of profits and their own stock options and produce something good.

Or not. In any case, Star Wars should have been put to bed after the original trilogy and replaced by other creative efforts. Disney may be getting bigger but the rot has already set in.

Chris Lutz said...

They aren't going to learn their lesson. Instead, they are attempting to elect a new fanbase. As we know, that fanbase is so minuscule to the point of irrelevancy. If Disney was serious, they would have fired pretty much everyone in charge at Lucasfilm. Right now they are shuffling deck chairs.

My prediction is SW collapses. I don't know how they save episode IX. Marvel is going to peak with Avengers 4. That's simply not because they are going to cram more SJW crud into them. It's because things have run their course with those films. Pixar has been slowly fading and is living on past glory by doing sequels.

Heterodox said...

Honestly, I said goodbye to Star Wars when I saw Episode 7. How people thought that movie was acceptable, I'll never understand. The one thing it had going for it was that it looked more like Episodes 4-6 than the prequels did. But the writing was on the wall where the...writing...was concerned, especially the way they set up those characters. There was nothing compelling or even likable about any of them, and I think that was due to SJWs being so divorced from reality that they can't write a character that is remotely believable or charismatic.

I think this is because they're fanatics lost in their utopian fantasies. They are writing characters that fit in a world that doesn't exist, and couldn't exist. I'd love your input, CS.

But yeah, SJW's are just really, really, REALLY bad writers of fiction.

Andy said...

I don't hate TFA, but I definitely haate how LAZY it is. Out of the limitless possibilities of a post-ROTJ world, both explored in the EU and unexplored, the writers went with a reboot of A New Hope and gave zero explanation of where the new Empire came from or what its goals are. Then on top of that, they pull out a brand-new character who's better at everything than anyone else we've ever seen, pulls Jedi techniques out of her ass that it took Luke 3 movies and 5 years of in-universe time to learn how to do, and is generally unlikable and annoying. The icing on this crap cake is yet ANOTHER Death Star with yet ANOTHER fatal weakness.

Hart's name is on Rebels so she can't be all bad, but her comments on wanting to push more women into the universe don't fill me with confidence. We can only hope that she was saying that to impress Gamma Boss Cray-Cray.

bob kek mando - ( "an entirely disconnected spew of word vomit" ) said...

Posted by Cataline Sergius at 10:16 AM
A-n-n-n-d they are back on again.
Lucasfilm appears to be currently running as an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

nah, nah.

just because a film is "in production" doesn't mean anything.

and, to be honest, that just sounds like typical Kray-Kray Kay-Kay management. three steps forward, four steps back, pin the blame on some hapless underling and fire them. then demand MOAR WAMMENZ.

Mr.MantraMan said...

I remember reading that tosser Roger Ebert's death bed wail that women should rule the world.

Oh joy everyday the Nibelungenlied, in everything including old scifi series have to be burnt to the ground cuz feelings.