Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In Case Your Curiosity Tempts You to Break the Boycott Next Weekend

Watch it now.  Because Shix-bee (yes, I know it's misspelled thankyou) is going to pull it.


bob kek mando - ( Creepy Joe Biden always asks for consent before changing your baby's diaper ) said...

Solo is awful.

i know this even though i haven't seen it.

how could i possibly know that? get this. even the Furries hate it.

Mr. Bee said...

Frankly, I'm not seeing it even if it's a "great" movie. Disney corp is now run by far left scum bag activists of the worst kind and they hold the power to indoctrinate that Goebbels and Stalin could only dream about. The Disney SWs movies are SJW poison pills and the better quality they are the more obscene.

God bless Roy Disney for ejecting Eisner from the board. Unfortunately, they left Eisner's doppelganger in his place.

bert bvdemier said...

I can't believe they actually tried to sell robosexuality.
This is proof that there is nobody at Star Wars Marvel who isn't completely SJW Converged.

It is almost impossible to sell you a male hero who has a serious sexual relationship with a female robot.
If you don't believe me give me examples, because the closest I got was 1 (the Joker/EDI-relationship from ME3), in every other example those relationships fall under:
-Comical ( Futurama)
-Incapable to socialise (Serenity firefly)
-Rapist (Westwood)
-man who can't get a real woman(Ex Machina)
-man who cant get a prostitute

And the utter joke of it all is that the negative visual of a Angry Male Who Cant Get A Real Woman So He Fucks A Robot is a visual pushed by the left in the last three years.

Compare te Vision-Scarlett Witch relationship with this farce and see the difference:
1)Make the robot male and the biological partner female: that carries a less negative visual
2)Make the robot look humanlike, that way people don't think that the relationship is the same as screwing a toaster
3)Make the robot unique, because if you can visualise the robot rolling of the assembly-line, the relationship looks more like a human and his appliance that a human and his/her robo-partner.

In every aspect this relationship makes Lando look less of a hero to 99.99% of your audience. Good luck with those numbers.

Sillon Bono said...

Mauler is solid on this one.

I wonder why RLM are acting like a bunch of sold outs, is it because they are lefties?

Cataline Sergius said...

RLM are definetly lefties but they also like to go against the grain. They couldn't have been more firmly against Ghostbusters.

They try to pretend they favor films that do something different. You'll note they were at pretty much the same level of support for The Last Jedi.

owlish said...

There's another human male/ robot female trope, one where the human is the creator of the robot. But that rarely turns out well either, and can involve incest themes. Wasn't there a movie like that recently?

Sillon Bono said...

Cataline, regarding RLM, the last jedi is bad cinematography, they built their reputation on bashing star wars crap, and when facing the largest amount of crap ever they look to the side and say, it does things differently.

So what the original trilogy is different than the prequels and that doesn't make them any good.

I'm guessing RLM don't want to fall in repetition with Mr Plinkett, but if there is a time to do a Mr Plinkett review it is last jedi.

But well, at least we have Mauler now who admits he was inspired to review movies by Mr Plinkett.

Cataline Sergius said...


We live in a world where the Sad-Boiz are marrying their sex dolls.

Kind of a pity Lando had to go down that route, you'd think he could do better.