Saturday, May 12, 2018

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Cataline does NOT recommend GunVault Speedvault biometric safe.

A fingerprint activated, easy to mount in out of the way but easily accessible locations!   What's not to love Cataline?

Simple, it's not that fast.

If it works perfectly it will open in about two seconds.  That sounds pretty good if you have a house with small children and you are forgetful in the morning and therefore sleeping with your gun on the nightstand is just plain out.

I get the attraction.  Trust me.

The problem is, its not that reliably fast.  It will often take two or three swipes for me to open it, which defeats the entire purpose of the having a fast access gun box.  Four to six seconds is a lot of time when someone is trying to kick down your bedroom door..

If you have a house with rug monkeys of your own or if you are plagued with your wife's sister idiot boy who you don't trust to successfully wipe his own butt much less get anywhere near my guns, there is an identifiable need for a gun box.

When you are first testing out a gun box...without first putting a gun in it...give it to a three year old to play with.  If the toddler can get it open, return it.

If you want a childproof  gunbox. The answer so far would appear to be anything with a SIMPLEX lock.  It's UL approved, which isn't quite a guarantee but it's better than not UL  approved.  I've switched to Fort Knox brand.

And as for access time.  It's actually faster and it's just as easy to use in the dark once your fingers have the muscle memory down.


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Cataline is surprised as anyone that he is recommending Versailles

I will start with this is absolutely not for kids.  There is nudity and graphic sex scenes.  If that ends it for you, I don't blame you because they aren't that good either.  And speaking of good...

The Good.

It is a fairly accurate historical representation based on contemporary records of the events shown.  Now some of those things were only rumors at the time but they were period accurate rumors.  They weren't something contemporary historians made up off the top of their heads.  And an effort was made to get the characterizations correct.

Louis 14th's brother Phillipe for example was in fact, a fairly flamboyant homosexual and was known for showing up at parties in makeup and dresses.  He was also. arguably, Louis' most reliable field marshal. And yes there were contemporary rumors that Queen Maria Theresa gave birth to a black child.  However there were exceptions to this accuracy.  Phillipe's first wife was by any reasonable measure a hysterical and useless airhead.

Scripting so far as been tight.

The main characters are engaging.  Louis is enigmatic.   Phillipe is frustrated by his life and blames his brother for it. 

The Meh.  The pacing is often times a bit slow.  It is what it is for a period drama.  The supporting characters, not directly referenced from period accounts were a bit on the silly side.  Louis' female doctor comes to mind.

Not all of the character are have solid or even comprehensible motivations.  Louis 14th's main enemy in the first series was his best friend from childhood.  This was revealed at the end of season one as a cliff hanger.  It was immediately swept off the stage at the beginning of season two.  The writers obviously couldn't come up with a motivation so they opted to kill him off as quickly as possible and hope the audience didn't care too much about the let down. Another freaking mystery box.

The budget for this show is actually pretty light.  The sets appear to have been built for other productions in France and were recycled.  Other than that they shot on site at Versailles whenever they could.

The Bad.  The sex.  It's there for exploitation purposes only.  Yeah, Louis screwed around a lot but I honestly didn't need to see it.  I think the reason I found it objectionable was that everything else about the production was pretty accurate, so when I saw a modern and obviously surgically enhanced nude actress it just took me right out of the story.  The choreography of the sex was mid nineties straight to video.  They may as well have brought in Shannon Tweed.

The Shocking.  The Catholic faith is portrayed in a very positive light through out.  I did not see that one coming. 

Summary:  The respect for the source material comes Studio Canal.  This was a French production originally and somewhere along the line the decision was made to use English speaking actors instead of French ones to make it more approachable for an American audience.  The French appear to have kept a beady on the original source material.

It's not flawless but as period drama's go it has the advantage of not trying to be another Game of Thrones.  That it in itself earns my recommendation.


ghostfromplanetspook said...

I gotta check Versailles out maybe tv can do period prices right. Have you seen AMC's The Terror based on the book of the same name its pretty good but also depressing. Since its based on the Franklin Expedition you have a good idea for how it ends lol.

Cataline Sergius said...

Oh yes. I'd meant to give that one a look.