Thursday, April 5, 2018

Why Star Wars Can't Be Saved At This Point

I ran across something interesting the other day.

Simon Pegg mentioned during a podcast that despite what Rian Johnson claimed, J.J. Abrams actually did have plans for Rey's parentage.  (*That isn't the interesting part*)

Now, this does put me in the position of trying to guess which SJW is lying more, the one with the rent-boy fetish or the one with the perfectly circular head (*it's perfectly round, how is that possible for a human?*)

There is the possibility that I was right about the Knights of Ren being the rebel team from Rogue One and when Rian Johnson came onboard he scraped the idea.  Heck that would explain the last minute reshoots on Rogue One as well as the change in advertising. However, it is equally likely that Johnson was handed an empty Mystery Box by Abrams and he treated it as such.

(*Neither of these things are interesting part*)

Pegg has been in the business for better than twenty years.  He knows the score.  He would not be dropping a bomb shell like that without clearance.  Abrams is apparently planning to retcon Rey's parentage back into something that is more intriguing.

Now here is the interesting part.  The SJW reaction:

So there you have it Last Jedi haters. Feel vindicated in your hatred of this decision by Rian Johnson to make her parents nobodies. Feel the hate flow through you. Ah, who the hell am I kidding, you guys are experts at this sort of thing. You've already got your "c-word" pitchforks and your "sjw" torches all lined up and ready to go.

I'll be curious to see if they retcon this decision in Episode IX. My bet is yes, because J.J. wants to make everyone happy, and the best way to do that is to go back on a decision that some people actually like, and thereby alienate that half of the fan base.(*Emphasis mine. C.S.*) Because Star Wars is like politics now. Omnipresent and full of vitriol on both sides of the fandom. So draw up sides, y'all, because it's Star Wars time.

This is the reason that Star Wars simply can not be saved.  Once the SJWs work their cancerous fibers into any healthy organism, they become automatically enraged beyond reason if you try to excise their malignancy. 

Forty seven percent approval isn't quite half the fanbase but it's close.   You can't get back to where Star Wars was a cultural icon with numbers like that.  Thanks to Kennedy and Johnson Star Wars can't be saved at this point.


Chris Lutz said...

It's funny how they are perfectly happy to alienate the fanbase that isn't them. They have a child's mentality, unable to grasp that constantly changing rules to suit them aren't rules but expressions of power. They are shocked when the bullied push back.

I actually hope JJ does retcon it simply to send them into a spittle flying rage. It won't save the story but at least it will make no one happy.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

I don’t think I remember your theory on the Knights of Ren. Was it here on the blog?

Mr. Bee said...

The Star Wars franchise ended with the prequels and pretty decent animations. Disney's version has stuck an iceberg and changing stuff in the middle is just re-arranging the deck chairs.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Emmett Fitz-Hume

I have how provided a link (above) to the relevant post at no expense you my loyal reader.

@Chris Lutz

The SJW contingent may well be a lot less than 47% of the fanbase. A big chunk of that number are the mindless fanbois that don't give a crap what's on the screen so long as it has the name Star Wars is in front of it.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

Thank you Praetor. Interesting in that you are the only person I've ever seen put forth such a theory.

I also was unaware that the end of Rogue One had last minute re-shoots. But I came to Rogue One late, after being pissed off by The Force Awakens. Its funny how lowered expectations can change one's perspective: I ended up liking Rogue One decently enough while watching it with my kids on Prime (As problematic as the end was, I still enjoyed seeing Darth Vader be DARTH VADER). I wish some had actually survived, particularly the Droid and Forest 'Ghost Dog' Whitaker (I was a pleasantly surprised when they wrote in a character from The Clone Wars TV show).

I'm certain that you are essentially correct and Jar Jar Abrams is going to do his level Mystery Box best to pretend The Last Jedi's revelations never ever ever happened.

Wynn Lloyd said...

I love the despairing tone from the SJW, but what was the relevance of that character's parents? Clearly it relates to politics in an interesting way.
If anyone has the free time to explain it to a non-fan, it would be greatly appreciated. Sounds interesting and it's always good to see converged entities crash and burn.

Chris Lutz said...

The brief explanation is that Rey has advanced Force skills. That needs to be explained and parentage makes the most sense.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Wynn Lloyd

Abrams set up several mystery boxes about Rey's parentage.

There was a scene when you see little Rey being dragged away by the Simon Pegg troll and she is watching helplessly as a shuttle flies off. Apparently containing her parents.

Then there is another scene when Rey touches Anakin/Luke's first lightsaber which causes a prolonged flash sequence where she witnesses Kylo and the rest of the Knights of Ren kill off Luke's pupils.

Rian Johnson chucked it because he is a no talent hack who really isn't into Star Wars at all or he wouldn't have had Luke briefly think about murdering his own nephew.

But here is the big take away for you. The SJWs are mad because it looks like the fans who HATE Johnson's version might be getting their way.

Clearly this is some kind of victory for the Alt Right in their eyes.

It's not but drink deeply of their tears.

Wynn Lloyd said...

Thanks! I was thinking about this earlier tonight at Walmart. Took my kid to get a toy, and notice not one of the black panther figures moved since last month. They have to be losing money on those things.

Good to see reality striking back at these people.