Friday, April 6, 2018

Why the Real Star Wars Worked

Still busy here.

I just had a passing thought I'm jotting down right now, I'll expand later.

The reason Star Wars (1977) worked so well was simple enough.

We'd dream of being Han Solo and we'd wake up as Luke Skywalker.

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cbashcraft said...

I posted this while ill in the wrong thread: I apologize and I am reposting it to the correct thread:

You Know,

I could've forgiven Last Jedi a lot if they had not screwed up Luke (continued heroic traditional narrative) and given us the Battle of Jutland in space. That would've been interesting, visual, and something new. Imagine each fleet making move and countermove over the course of the film. Several mini victories sprinkled through out the pursuit. You could have even woven in the tracking mcguffin, which was not new, the original had the Falcon tracked to the Rebel base in Ep. IV. The desperate search for a spy within the rebel fleet and battle and then Rey and Luke pulling off the save or revelation of who that spy was at the end allowing the crippled Rebel fleet to escape.

That at least would have been interesting. Instead, we got a space battle with no battle, no climatic payoff, twice the mary sue pointless adventure, and no heroic narrative.

Everyone in my theater left bored and dead eyed upon seeing the Last Jedi.


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