Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Star Wars: The Head of Medusa

Ultimately Star Wars problem stems from purse puppy hire Kathleen Kennedy.  She approached this third trilogy with a political agenda and no story whatsoever.   She honestly appears to have viewed the story as something unimportant that will just take of itself.

Hiring J.J. Abrams to write and direct the first movie was a no brainer.  I mean literally because no synaptic processes were in evidence when making this decision.   The man is a hack, a successful hack to be sure but a hack none the less and it's obvious. He's all bells and whistles.  A mystery box is a lead in.  You intrigue and lure the audience because of their natural curiosity but the payoff has to be correspondingly rewarding.   The payoff can't be another mystery box.

Sure we all hate The Last Jedi but lets not pretend that The Force Awakens was the start of something good.

Rey had an interesting lead in.  During her first five minutes of screen time, you saw a kid with a hard knock life scratching out a living in a planetary junkyard that was NOT Tattooine.  Then they blew her interesting lead in by turning her into worst Mary Sue of all time.  Seriously, Rey is going to be in the text books.

Everybody is giving Rian Johnson a huge ration of shit (and rightfully so) for not giving the audience a reason to show up for the next movie but honestly Abrams was almost as bad. Kylo Ren was probably the only really intriguing character in the movie but he was ruined as an enemy by having him defeated by a nobody with no training.  An event so unlikely even Rian Johnson felt the need to explain what happened and that's saying something. Blowing up the Death Star III was as egregiously clich√© as introducing it in the first place.  After the first two went boom, it's a little ridiculous to say that no one at any time during the third one's construction said the words, "there is no easy way to blow this one up, right?"

The big question is: wasn't there an adult in the room?  Wasn't it someone's job to make sure that the crown jewels weren't smashed?  Indeed there was somebody with that job and her name was Kathleen Kennedy.  She started off as Speilberg's secretary of all things but Steve could rely on her to get things organized and there on time, that can take you pretty far in Hollywood.  Credit where it's due she was clearly good at that.  But it ends at organization with her.

I looked over her credits at IMDB and a pattern emerged. She has always worked for driven men with a vision.  She really couldn't spot a story at all but she could tell when a man with focus was giving her that "funny feeling".  It gave everyone the illusion of  her being able to tell good from garbage.  That has clearly never been the case.  Sure she the producer on M. Night Shalaman's Sixth Sense but she was also the producer on M. Night Shalaman's The Last Air Bender. 

But it this actually worked well for a while but sadly her age has affected her taste in men.

She has metaphorically speaking, gone from desiring an Older And Successful Tycoon  to desiring a Hot Young Pool Boy who makes her feel young again.  Who also convinces her to take up things like scuba diving, hang gliding and skydiving which is rather foolish and silly for a woman her age.


Chris Lutz said...

I have an inkling that what happened was Disney decided that Star Wars would be run like they've run Marvel. They give it to someone they believe is competent and let them create a slew of movies. There are problems with this thinking though.

- Marvel kind of stumbled into their whole MCU. It wasn't the original plan. The original plan was to actually create good movies for their IP. No one else has come close to achieving the same results with their cinematic universes.

- Kennedy doesn't have any sort of vision or plan for Star Wars. Demanding more females and diversity isn't a plan.

- Star Wars simply isn't a movie every year property. Star Wars is a set of films every 15-20 years with subsidiary material in-between.

This whole fiasco is looking more like the DC fiasco.

exfarmkid said...

Star Wars is waiting for the head to be hacked off now that they have finished gutting themselves.

On a more important note, Bob Dorough has shed this mortal coil (School House Rock). Sadness.

Mr. Bee said...

Eisner made Disney "too big to fail". He also started the pro-gay agenda and opened the way to it's present left wing politicization under Iger. It's joined the rest of the media as an arm of the social democrats. Star Wars is just reflecting that reality. Personally I'm happy that their propaganda machine isn't running particularly smoothly when it comes to Star Wars. I'm glad for small favors at this point.