Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Puppy Adjacent" is a Thought Crime Now

John Ringo was just disinvited to the soon to be defunct Carolinacon.

Apparently his crime against humanity this week was being Puppy Adjacent.  Since I know damn good and well that he wasn't involved with either the Sads or the Rabids, I think his Thought Crime was being marginally sympathetic to the cause.

This is from Milo's Dangerous by SF Indy author Jon del Arroz

What’s Going On at Sci-Fi Conventions?

Over the last year, conventions and geek-fandom have become an increasingly dangerous place for anyone who identifies as even moderately on the right. The troubles began with New York Comic Con, when YouTube reviewer Richard C. Meyer, with the channel Diversity & Comics, was targeted for harassment by comic book professionals who conspired in a secret Facebook group to harass him and “goad him into throwing a punch,” one said. The goal would be to get him banned from conventions for his violence, intentionally inciting an incident.

The problems have only become worse in 2018. East Coast Comic Con announced they would not allow Kevin Sorbo at their event because of his ties to Sean Hannity. Worldcon banned me under dubious circumstances because of my political writings. And ConCarolinas was set to have John Ringo, one of the biggest authors in the industry, at their convention.

Who Is John Ringo And Why Does He Matter?

John Ringo is no stranger to fighting SJWs. As a wildly successful author with more than two decades in the business, he recalls the year 2000 as being a particularly difficult time at his first convention, shortly after the 2000 election where George Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore in the Electoral College.

“What struck me from the beginning was how the conservatives (many) at the con had to hide in the shadows, furtively whispering the secret passwords and passing microdot notes like they were in East Germany,” Ringo told DANGEROUS. “By the same token, the leftists were free to vent any old idiocy, any lie, any distortion or falsehood without anyone speaking up and telling them they were full of shit. As soon as I broke the hymen and revealed myself as a conservative it was game on and no holds barred. At that con I very nearly got into a fistfight with a magazine publisher at a room party. It has been one shit storm after another ever since.”

According to Ringo, the convention then pushed its conservative members out of its planning committee, attendance dropped over years, and it’s now defunct. “Get woke, go broke,” he says of any organization who bows to SJW pressure.

ConCarolinas initially didn’t respond to the nasty trolling and threats of boycotts, but after deliberating over the weekend, they sent Ringo an email disinviting him from the convention because, as the convention chair said on Twitter, “the con could not guarantee Ringo wouldn’t be walking into a hostile environment. John wanted to have fun. A reasonable request. The con could not guarantee that he wouldn’t be subject to people being ugly to him.”

Ringo recalls the interchange with the convention to be a bit more serious, stating he was asked not to attend because, “we were going to have to hire full time security guards and maybe off-duty police during peak hours.”

If the crowd is prone to be as violent as he suggests, and it has gotten increasingly worse over these last few years, why won’t the conventions do something to protect their conservative guests?

What Can We Do To Fix The Problem?

Ringo doesn’t believe there’s an answer to the problem of the SJW outrage brigade in the near future. “What is not definitely conservative is eventually taken over by the left, gutted, skinned and used as a cloak while they dance around demanding respect,” Ringo said.

“Who wants to sit through a lecture on intersectionality and wokeness when they came to learn how to write? Some masochists, maybe, but most thinking people want to learn the craft, not Socialist Doctrine. So more and more will fold. People will say it’s because ‘people just aren’t reading anymore’ or whatever. But the reality is, socialism kills everything it touches.”

It seems to have been the case in the publishing industry, as fewer and fewer publishing houses appear to be able to compete each year. Independent books are subsequently taking more of the market share. Writers like Ringo, contrarily, are doing well because he doesn’t water down his books with political correctness, giving a very authentic voice to his series Black Tide Rising and others. His third book in the Monster Hunter universe, co-authored with right-leaning Larry Correia, is titled Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints, is available for pre-order on July 3rd.

As the conventions continue to push themselves into irrelevancy by bowing to the SJW pressure, Ringo urges readers to fight back.

“Keep up with what any con you’re planning on attending is doing. If they cave to the SJW mobs, don’t go,” Ringo said.

“Tell them you’re not going and why. Cancel your membership if you bought one and ask for your money back. Money talks. Show the publishers that it’s a bad idea to ‘get woke’ financially. People say ‘I don’t read/watch TV on the basis of politics. Your enemies, my enemies too, do so. And they attack, attack, attack every single damned day. Wonder why there’s never anything good on TV or in the bookstores? Because we let the Left take over all of that (nearly all) and it went to shit. And it’s only going to get worse. We have to fight back. And unfortunately, we have to fight back every damned day. Because it’s like being a cop or a security guard or a sentry. The bad guys can choose their time. We have to be eternally vigilant,” Ringo said. 

The Sads died out two years ago.  As for the Rabids, I've got my doubts that Vox is going to bother to hold another one. 

Not much point. 

The Rabid Puppies campaign was wildly successful in pretty much all of it's objectives.  There was never any hope of saving the Hugos.  That was never the point. The only thing the Hugos had going for them for the past a couple of decades was a reputation for excellence that was no longer deserved.  The Puppies campaigns were always built on demonstrating that excellence in SF had nothing to do with who the award went to.

The SMOFs could have saved the Hugo's reputation easily enough.  If they had just said something like, "everybody calm the fuck down and just vote the ballot as it is, this will all be over with quickly The Puppies are all Rightwingers, if we stay quiet and don't make a big deal about this, they will either start fighting with each other in public and generally shooting themselves in the foot or get bored and wander off.  Just be quiet about this and vote the ballot as is and it will all blow over."

You may as well have asked rain to not be wet.

Not with Queen Toadina braying out her calls for Jihad at the top of her vast lungs. The mentally ill are not big on being reasoned with.

Not only did the SJWs blow up their own award's reputation with their "no award" award drives.  They then bounced the rubble by giving the Best Novel of Year award to the utterly mediocre works of the utterly mediocre N. K. Jemison.

The truth is that pretty much all of the lit cons (except for the anti-SJW Libertycon) are dead.  A sad relic from a bygone era.

The Hugos are dead.  Long live the Dragons!


Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

"Oh John Ringo No!"

Seriously though, I've always liked that guy, even when I haven't always enjoyed his books.

If you haven't read it, 'The Last Centurion' was great. And stand alone. Back before Trump was elected, it felt as if we were living in the lead up to that novel.

Larry Correia says that Ringo is a writing machine (and coming from Correia, that's saying something.

exfarmkid said...

Calling N.K. Jemison "mediocre" is an insult to perfectly nice mediocre people.

Just sayin....

And John Ringo rocks. (Except for "Ghost".)

exfarmkid said...

BTW I read the promo chapters for "Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints" tonight. Very good stuff. Should be a good finale to the sub-series.

Jon Mollison said...

You'll find no refuge in the middle. When even Starbucks cannot avoid the wrath of the parasite class, your only allies lie to the right of conservatives.

Cataline Sergius said...


I read the ARC for Saints. My advice is wait for the actual launch.

It's good but it's not as good as Sinners.

Cataline Sergius said...


Don't get me wrong. Sinners is a good a book but Saints is in my opinion the best thing Ringo has ever written. Topping it was always going to be difficult.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Emmett Fitz-Hume

Ghost is still ranked in the top 400 in Military Science Fiction. Which is amazing for a 13 year old book.

And annoying because it is NOT Military Science Fiction.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...


I remember reading the first two (I think) Ghost books back when. My impression went from OK...alright...well...WTF?!?!

Not my thing.