Monday, April 9, 2018

OMG Lumpy is in Solo?!?!

We have not seen Chewie's family since 1978 but here they are again.


Johnny said...

Their Han Solo doesn't leap out at me as a good replacement for you know who, but the special effects look promising.

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Chris Lutz said...

He doesn't have the Harrison Ford charisma. Look at River Phoenix playing a young Ford in The Last Crusade. He played it about as well as you can. From the trailer, Aldon Ehr....whatever doesn't have it and I don't think the script helps. Han Solo doesn't ask to sit at the table. He sits at the table. Actually, I don't know that they even have Billie D. William's role right. Sadly, Woody Harrelson, who typically improves whatever film he is in, will probably raise the film up a notch or two.

Cataline Sergius said...

Recasting Han, Luke and Leia is...I was going to say the least of their problems but upon reflection it's going to be a pretty substantial problem.

It hasn't been done before and they didn't bother to find a kid who could act...or maybe the kids who CAN act could also smell disaster in the wind and steered clear of the project.

The bigger problem remains a complete lack of a story. In the first trilogy there was a story, the life and growth of Luke Skywalker. The prequels for all their problems at least had a story, the decline and fall of Darth Vader.

This new trilogy has no story at all. We are now two thirds into it and no central plot has emerged.

Chris Lutz said...

The goal of the new trilogy seems to be to destroy every old character in the worst way possible.

Ace of Ace of Spades, on a podcast, brought up a storyline from a 90's video game about training to be a Jedi at a Jedi temple. From that and a couple of his other ideas, I thought a decent storyline would have been:

- Flashback to the time of the Rebellion. An Empire frigate hangs above a planet while a husband/wife archeology team and their six year old daughter explore some old Jedi temple ruins.
- Rebel ship appears, battle ensues, both Rebels and Imperial ships destroyed, family (except daughter) killed by crashing X-wing. One stormtrooper survives with concussion.
- Stormtrooper raises girl who learns some force abilities while exploring temple. Stormtrooper teaches her discipline and stoicism. Maybe stormtrooper practices some form of emperor worship.
- They meet Han and Chewie who are searching for Luke who is after some force artifact that the First Order is also seeking.
- You can have the Republic and multiple Imperial factions floating around (different color designs based on Imperial faction).

The trilogy could then be about Rey trying to control her force powers and trying to determine her path. Have her dislike the Republic and blame them for killing her family. (Actually have the Imperial ship commander act competently and responsible for protecting the people below.)

Jew613 said...

Maybe this is crazy talk, but is it possible Kathleen Kennedy's goal is the death of the star wars franchise? Because she has been a producer on many huge hits, both blockbusters and Oscar bait so she's not stupid, she has to realize what she's doing.

Cataline Sergius said...

Kathleen Kennedy is a highly competent organizer and administrator BUT she has no talent for being a story teller whatsoever. She can't tell a good story from a bad one.

She has also slipped smoothly from Tinseltown Liberalism to Hollywood SJWism. Forget all about does an actor have "the magic?" It's all about Inclusivity checkboxes.

Then there is her "the Force is Female" campaign. Big hit in the Bubble but half the fanbase is saying, "this is just one more reason to walk away."

That might possibly bother her late at night but the next morning the Twitter hivemind will reassure her that while she's lost the old audience, that is a good thing because it will be replaced with a new enlightened and Woke congregation of followers.

Disney has clearly developed major problems. Somebody should have noticed what was happening to the crown jewels and put a stop to it. There is of course the possibility that a number of people senior to Kathleen Kennedy saw the problems but FELT there was nothing they could do about it.

Johnny said...

Take Star-Lord/Chris Pratt as the actor and write the script to give Han Solo the personality that Pratt played in Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't try for an exact duplicate of the Star Wars thing. Luke Skywalker was such a generic character that I suppose you could do the same thing again. Youth wants to make good, experience wonders, etc.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

@Chris Lutz

I actually think that would have been a decent movie. For what it’s worth, they would have even been able check some SJW boxes too without nuking an entire franchise from orbit. Not that I actually want them to check SJW boxes.

I remember watching The Force Awakens for the first time. I had some hopes:

-That Jakoo was really Tatooine; the trailers were deliberately deceiving us (I would have been cool with that.)

-That Max Von Sydow was going to be an awesome character! Boy was I disappointed there. My theory, given some of things I had heard, was that (if Jakoo was Tatooine), Max Von Sydow was an old, cybernetic and prosthetics enhance Boba Fett who fought his way out of Sarlaac.

-That Han Solo and Luke would have teamed up again.

Alas, we all know what a dumpster fire this movie and the series have turned into.

Chris Lutz said...

@Emmett Fitz-Hume

Yeah, the stormtrooper still could be black. And he could be a better character than the 90's style comic relief they made Finn in TFA.