Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's Time to Fire Swamp Thing

Meet the Deputy Attorney General

If Chuck Scheemer hates something this much it's probably a great idea.

"I’d like to make something crystal clear to the president: Mr. President, any attempt to remove Rod Rosenstein will create the exact same constitutional crisis as if you fired special counsel [Robert] Mueller," Schumer told reporters on Tuesday.

Rosenstein is back in the spotlight after the FBI raided the office of Trump's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, based in part on a referral from Mueller's team. Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, personally approved the search, according to The New York Times.

Schumer noted his comments on Tuesday were sparked by reports detailing Rosenstein's role.

"For the sake of our country, we plead with you. Don’t put this country through a constitutional crisis. ... The rule of law is paramount in this country. No man, not even the president, is above it," he said.


It takes pretty much nothing to scare the Cucks but politically the damage of firing Rosenstien is minimal.  Sure he's well known in the Swamp but unless you follow politics closely, the big question for most people is going to be "Rod who?"

Yes, Jeff Sessions is weak as AG.  There have been times that I thought he was going accomplish something but he never failed to disappoint.  I'd been saying that he is just meticulous.  He's not a meticulous, he's just weak

So yes, Jeff Sessions needs to go but for the love of Glod fire Rosenstien first because who the fuck knows what Swamp Thing is going to do to Trump, WHILE HE IS THE ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL?  I mean work it out guys, firing a loyal if weak Jeff Sessions while leaving decisive and treacherous Rod Rosenstein.  Trump has had to fire enough loyal men.  It's time to step on the head of the snake.

With that done, he can fire Mueller the day after the midterm elections.  Oh there is going to be screaming of the New Saturday Night Massacre but there is a big difference.  Nixon had actually done something illegal, by now everyone knows that President Trump's crimes are wholly imaginary.


Wynn Lloyd said...

Sessions should have been given a different position in the cabinet. Maybe Homeland Security, since he's excellent on immigration. I guess the president figured he would be at least somewhat aggressive, given how the Dems were upset as his appointment.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Wynn Lloyd

I'm afraid it was worse than that.

Sessions started out in the DOJ under President Reagan. Being AG was always his dream job. He jumped on the Trump Train pretty early and as a result got to pick his own job...Even if he was completely unqualified to hold it.

sysadmn said...

Fire Rosenstein?

Screw dat! Let the IG do his job, then indict Rosenstein for lying on the application to the FISA court.

Tamaqua said...

Well Nunes just laid down a threat to hold Rosie and Wray in contempt of Congress and impeach both of their sorry asses. Of course, relying on Congress to do a damn thing is useless, so it will fall to Trump to do them. That is, unless he goes off and gets us in a war over Syria.