Thursday, March 1, 2018

Blogs and Ends

First things first.

Thumbnail review, Berlin Babylon.

It's a German drama on Netflix.  I found the setting interesting, Berlin in 1929.  The Weimar Republic is tottering on it's last legs.  It's really only a matter of who is going to take over, either the Nazis or the Communists, there is no real if.  The country is in a state of extreme moral collapse due to the devastation and social upheaval that losing World War One brought down upon Germany.  It does actually seem to be a bit worse than today because there are no social safety nets, it's bit more savage because literal survival is on the line.

Nihilism is once again at the core of this story but for once it's appropriate.  All of the characters are pretty much impossible to like, yet even the designated villains come off as rather sympathetic at times.  The fact that I don't like the characters doesn't mean that they aren't well constructed, they are.

It has a Mystery Box opening but I can forgive that as there is something inside the box.  The show opens with a train robbery or at least that's what it appears to be.  But after the train robbers have murdered the crew, they add a tanker car to the train and then the train continues on it's journey.  It was a good start.

Our heroes are a drug addled detective and part time sectary/part time prostitute who wants to be a policewoman, (decent overlap with both skill sets so it's not unreasonable).

This show is very, very gritty.  If you are looking for light entertainment look elsewhere.  But if the period of Wiemar Germany interests you, it's worth a look.



I'm done with Overwatch.

I was a wild enthusiastic player of it for the game's first year but the constant changes in character abilities have exhausted me.

What really drove home my ennui was the last special event.  They had changed the rules (of course) for Capture the Flag.  But for once I was enjoying the change.  I had been a Lucio main before his pointless and unnecessary redesign.  So, when Capture the Flag started up, I was really enjoying the game for first time in a long time.  I was doing stuff with Lucio that I hadn't done for a while, riding around at the top of the map, Dodging shooters, weaving in and out of columns.  CTF had Made Lucio Great Again.  And then it didn't.  A week into the event Lucio got nerfed so that he would drop the flag if he WallRides. Which meant if you had the flag as Lucio, you didn't dare jump and down to avoid a headshot for fear of accidentally WallRiding. Consequently you are moving in a way that is just perfect for target practice.

I wasn't mad about this change, I was just completely drained by it.

That nerf is what has happened to the entire game in miniature. Get gud with one character, then start to climb in the ranks with it and sure as every new Star Wars movie sucks, that character is going to get nerfed.  Or a counter character is going to get buffed up so much your new main is dead in the water.  Or a new character is introduced that throws off the whole meta.

At first keeping up with the changes was fun and challenging but now it's become clear that it's because the dreams Blizzard had for this game are failing.  I think they actually planned to try and have a balanced game but it proved impossible with as many characters as they have.  Now the constant and apparent random changes in order to force the game to be something it isn't are taking it's toll.

Blizzard won't admit that Overwatch is dying but a good metric is YouTubers. Muselk, had been getting around 400K views per Overwatch video before he switched to Fortnite.  Now he is getting around 2 Million per video.  Where as Stylosa the former king of Overwatch vids is getting an anemic 50 -100K, I'm not sure how long he can keep the lights on with numbers like that.

This latest hero Brigette was the last nail in the coffin for me.  She is now doing old Lucio's job and not doing it all that well.  Just another weird hybrid character.  I'm done.  I'm freaking done.


I'll be shutting down this blog later in 2018...

...and opening another.

I'm getting tired of waiting for the Google axe to fall.  Also, this year, I am going to start taking my writing quite a bit more seriously than I have in the past.  I'll need a better platform than Blogger to help support that endeavor.

Look, forward to seeing you all at the new place.

Okay, we're done here.


Tamaqua said...

Now this sounds good. There's a goldmine of good drama in the historical interplay of the police, the criminal underworld, and the political underworld in Berlin, especially if you can introduce Goebbels into the mix. The SA and the Communist street fighters sprang from the same Berlin underworld the criminal gangs operated in and drew members from. Remember, the biggest political killing that Goebbels made use of was the Horst Wessel case, where a SA man was murdered by a Communist pimp over a prostitute. The Germans do historical drama right, so I'm looking forward to checking this out after I finish my re-watch of an older costume drama in "The Borgias"

Cataline Sergius said...


They weren't that intellectually honest. The Commies are nominally the good guys. Although there are good Communists and bad ones.

The good ones are Trotskyites.

This was produced in the Federal Republic after all.

exfarmkid said...

Looking forward to your move. Google bins my comments quite frequently. We'll see if this one posts.

Jew613 said...

The good guys should be the Monarchist Nationalists fighting to restore the Hozenhollen's over the whole of Germany or the Wittelsbach's in Bavaria. Either action probably would have prevented the Nazis gaining power and would have undercut the Communist's seeing as the working class the Commies depended on were the staunchest of Monarchists. The entire war would have been prevented.

Cataline Sergius said...


Well...half of it would have been prevented. The War in the Pacific would have happened regardless. America and Japan had been on a collusion course for decades.

But it's an interesting question. Would another war between France and Germany have started without Hitler in charge?

Certainly there was plenty of ill feeling in Germany towards the French with or without Hitler.

Tamaqua said...

History nerding.

First, the DNVP (the Nationalists) were pursuing a pipe dream in thinking they had any realistic chance of a restoration. The dynasty was as dead as the Romanovs or the Hapsburgs because the working class rejected the monarchy for creating the bloodbath of the Great War in the first place and, most importantly, losing it. Restoration appealed only to the same clueless elites that we see in the NeverTrump old cuckservatives who can't bring themselves to see the new reality. Yes, there are valid parallels between the Austrian lance corporal and Trump, but not in the left's "literally Hitler" meme.

CS, there definitely was another European war in the cards, because the results of 1918 left it inevitable. Foch himself said Versailles was not a peace, but merely a 25 year truce.

bert bvdemier said...

Overwatch has become useful to visually see the Converging of Blizzard.
If you look at the evolution of female characters in World of Warcraft one sees the continuing redesign of making them less and less attractive. See Jaina Proudmore and Sylvanas.
Overwatch is a new IP that needs new heroes with time so they can make new heroes with ease.
Overwatch sold itself on Widowmaker and Tracer, both very female characters designed to attract males, and now we get Brigitte and Moira, where you can see the designers getting the order to make them less attractive.
Meanwhile League of Legends is making champions like Kai'sa and Evelynn and people wonder why that game keeps making money.