Friday, February 16, 2018

Why I Don't Trust Rupert Murdoch

Never assume a foreign conservative really gets us.

Admittedly a big part of this is the very New York Liberal Murdoch Brothers making their influence felt now that Dad is old enough to be trying on coffins for a good fit.  Not that the weak sons were in any disagreement with the strong father here.  Rupert Murdoch has always been pro-gun control and pro-confiscation.  He helped push it through in his native Australia.

I was trying to avoid talking about the shooting in Florida but the media is pushing extra hard in the not at all vein hopes of rolling over enough Cucks and Squishes to ram rod something through.

Interestingly there seems to be a new wrinkle I haven't really seen before.  Scripted sound bites.   I can't prove it all, but a lot of these heart strings clips have the kind of stilted dialog of something that sounds rehearsed. 

I honestly don't think CNN set them up...directly.  What I strongly suspect happened is individuals with contacts in gun control groups were contacted and provided with "appropriate remarks."  Then these groups got in touch with their contacts with newsies and said, "we have somebody you should listen to.."  Which the newsies then did without asking a lot of awkward questions.

Getting back to my earlier point.  Twenty years ago, before the internet became accessible to stupid people. Rupert Murdoch  was needed to give us any kind of a voice at all.   

But make no mistake, he was never the Irreplaceable Man.

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