Monday, February 5, 2018

Bad News IF True

I all capped the IF for a reason.  Lawfare Blog are a serious collection of NeverTrumpers.  I mean they actually are worse than Bill Krystal and that is fucking saying something.

But the amount of warmth in the emails, both about Comey and for their people, is atypical of all-staff communications. These leaders operate at the highest level of the FBI; in a chain-of-command organization, they aren’t particularly accessible figures. But these emails, which were sent to entire divisions or field offices, are personal and intimate. Without overstating the matter or getting maudlin about it, it’s safe to say that these messages show leaders who are shaken and concerned. There is emotion in their voices and a deep concern for their people. One special agent in charge, who was out of state at a training, even offered to come back to the office if any of her people needed to talk to her.

The bottom line is that the documents tell a remarkably consistent story about the reaction inside the FBI to Comey’s firing, and it is not the story the White House has told about an agency in turmoil. It’s very much the story, rather, that McCabe told the Senate a few days after Comey’s dismissal. Someone, the documents show, stood before the American people the week of the firing and told the truth about the FBI. It just wasn’t Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Donald Trump.

If true then the FBI was in mourning for the loss of it's own of Iron Felix.  

If true, it is no longer America's premier law enforcementment agency, it is America's Secret Police, one that feels it has the right to over throw any election whose results it doesn't like.

If true, then the FBI must be disbanded.

However we are talking Lawfare Blog here.  And most of the people actually named are higher up political appointees that were Republicans that Obama viewed as acceptable, IE hardcore cuckservatives.

So no need to panic just yet.  We should just keep a few options in mind is all.


cavalier973 said...

Could the current stock sell off be part of some Deep State scheme?

Cataline Sergius said...

Nah, it's just an adjustment for a market that was over inflated.

After eight years of Obama market misery and having to sit on the sidelines, too much money jumped in all at once. A few of the smarter ones locked in their profits and skittish types are panicking.

The press is making a big deal of if because the newsies were squirming in agony over the market doing so much better under Trump than it ever did under Obama.

It will bounce back again.