Wednesday, January 3, 2018

On The FBI Coup

I remember just how bad Washigton DC was for the poor sad sacks in counter-intel in the 1990s.  They were like the Dutch boy who sticks his thumb in the hole in the dyke... While the entire ocean floods over the wall and drowns him.  Any of the better bars in DC you would see young snot appointees passing yellow sheets of paper across the tables to each other.

Yellow sheets of paper is what you used to designate controlled information rated Secret, Top Secret and above.  

It would drive those of us in the uniformed military crazy because any of us who went through a single scope investigation to get an FTS clearance got scooped out from guzzel to zorch and got bounced for pretty much anything.  There would be a notation on your page 11 that would effectively be a black mark on your record for the rest of your career for something you did in junior highs because those things went back ten years and most of us were nineteen when the investigation would start. 

But these little shits who went to ivy league schools and were soft shelled communists more often than not, got issued an FTS for being the van driver during the last election and made the boss laugh.

There is no country easier to spy on than the United States of America.

John Ringo

One aspect is the whole FISA warrant/Steele Dossier fiasco. As a sort of fun-house mirror image to that you have the whole Hillary Clinton email fiasco that just gets more and more fantastically fiascisk the more we know. (The more we find out about Huma Abedin and Hillary's concept of information control the more it's apparent that A FUCKING THIRTEEN YEAR OLD IN BAKERSFIELD probably had Hillary Clinton's entire email catalog.)

This is a reply on an email list I made where I pointed out that the FBI... plotters (seriously, no other term for them) were not acting entirely as 'bad actors' in their opinion and why. (And also why they believed the apparently National Enquirer quality Steele dossier.)

Herewith the email:

This brings up an interesting issue regarding the FBI use of the Steele Dossier to obtain a FISA warrant and, I have to admit, an argument that their actions were not entirely or possibly even primarily due to hatred of Trump.

Because stupidity in regards to counter intelligence is LEGENDARY among the people who have to monitor it in DC. And it is a 'cross-aisle' problem.

Very junior people who assume that the reason the pretty girl is talking with them is that they very occasionally see some powerful person up and close and in the flesh. Not that she's a Mossad operative trying to create a source.

Just look at all the #MeToo shit. Powerful men have done FAR stupider things than hire prostitutes to pee on a bed even in (or particularly in) Russia. Everybody's files, CIA, FBI, DOJ, are FULL of powerful men (and women) doing DUMB ASS SHIT.

So when Trump, who to these DC insider assholes was a 'neophyte', was reported by someone who had previously been pretty on point to have done some very dumb ass shit in Moscow and created 'kompromat', they, yes, were leftist blinded by their hate but they also made a professional judgement that IF HILLARY WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO FORWARD HER EMAILS TO A PEDOPHILE'S COMPUTER, then Trump, who was clearly half her brains, probably did some very dumb ass shit.

That's why in the text messages at one point Strozk wrote 'I cannot believe we're looking at these allegations.' What he meant was 'This is just another example of Dumb Ass Shit people do who shouldn't hold a security clearance.'

So, were the bigoted against Trump? Were they desperate to keep him from getting elected. Yeah and yeah.

But in part it was their professional side who saw, through distorted lenses, a complete moron neophyte who was going to be a huge compromise to National Security.

I don't agree with them and I think much of what they did will eventually be determined to be violation of civil rights under color of law. May not be charged, probably won't be, but it will clearly be violation of Trump's civil rights. Not to mention somebody needs to go to jail just to reaffirm it is NOT the job of the DOJ to decide who is president. Or the CIA. Or the NSA. Or the military. It is solely the job of the American people.

But... it was in part a professional call on their part because in the course of their career they had seen so much dumb-ass shit.

Comment from someone else on the list:

And THAT is what Comey was trying to say in his bumbling incompetent comments to Congress.

Not that no prosecutor would take a case against Clinton.

Just that no prosecutor would take a case against ANY politician...because why should we spread the stupid all over TV, radio and the World Wide Web?

I could easily imagine serious security professionals treating the entire political class as a necessary but unfortunately neuron-deprived hazard of working in government.

My reply (in part):

I could easily imagine serious security professionals treating the entire political class as a necessary but unfortunately neuron-deprived hazard of working in government.

Yeah. That. And here's the thing. When you call them (politicians) on ANYTHING along the lines of a NatSec violation, they generally go straight to 'do you know who I am?' Also it's a cross-aisle thing. Slightly worse on the Left just because they have fewer trusted people with any real-world NatSec experience (though lots of ivory tower academics who will swear a PhD beats 20 years of doing any day) but the Right, especially Libertarian right, as well as general junior political appointees (Papadapolous was a prime example) tend to be just as bad.

The flip side is both sides in... 'Deep State' zone are hard-core leakers. Which is just another form of violation.

What the 'Experts' in DOJ/FBI didn't get was Trump wasn't coming from Podunk Arkansas or Westchester Important State, he was coming out of international Big Biz as well as Casino Biz.

Both are cut throat. (Sometimes literally.) Both depend upon tight information control.

From what I've gleaned, Trump's people basically raped the WH comms guys (who think of themselves as the absolute class or the world) over bad information control. Out of date processes, security holes, etc.

Because... not a neophyte. In many ways, it was the DC insiders who were/are the neophytes.

/end email

Trump's people were actually MORE competent that the 'Gubmint's' best (or at least the best that were in those sorts of positions.) Because among other things, casinos can pay for the best.

But the FBI/DOJ Inside the Beltway assholes could not get their heads around that.

So they decided they had to ensure that this neophyte, Danger To National Security, 'pussy-grabbing' asshole did not get elected and if he did was so damaged he couldn't do much damage.

The term here is, yes, coup. The original term was 'coup de tat', meaning 'cut to the head.' To take out the head and the rest dies. It was a coup attempt, the first that I can definitely recall in American history. (At least that was so strikingly obvious.)

The Yates/McCabe/Mueller/Page/Strozk cabal (there are others) attempted a coup de tat. And they need to be punished for that in no uncertain terms.
These men no matter what good they thought they were doing attempted to over throw the electoral process of the United States. That breaks every oath they ever took.

Shooting is too good for them.


kennymac said...

Coup de tat? And it means “cut to the head”?? Was that load of nonsense from Ringo? Cuz that’s really dismaying.

Shitlord Numéro Uno said...

Not to be pedantic, but "Coup d'Etat" means "cut to the state," cut of state, or similar. Coup in this context meaning a decisive (finishing) blow, as it does in coup de grace, or cut of mercy. That one is, of course, much more intuitive.

Tête, on the other hand, means head.

Otherwise, good article.