Monday, January 22, 2018

Okay, I'm Pretty Confused Here

This is from the Womenzzz Marche.

And I don't get it.

Is this one of the bravest #AltRight Trollings of all time?

Or is this an actual Third Wave Feminist?

So lets examine this.

It's kind of hard to tell how actually fat she is.  Both the sign and the hoodie obscure and are MEANT to obscure the potentially offending evidence. But I would have to say, "not very".  Point AltRight.

She is actually White.  Point 3rd Wave Feminism.

Here hair is three different colors.  Point 3rd Wave Feminsim.

Her hair was only meant to be two different colors and only one of those can't be found in nature.  Point AltRight.

No noticeable body hair that a decent woman would have removed.  No points awareded since you just can't tell from the picture.

Final test.

The eyes.  Yep crazy as a shithouse rat.  She's an actual Third or possibly Fourth(?) Wave Feminist.

Well there you are.  If a woman tells you:

I Am Trouble. 

What Happens to You Now 

Is Your Own Damn Fault.

You should take her at her word.

I keep meaning to put that on a women's tee shirt.  I know it would sell.

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Lovekraft said...

There's Far Side cartoon entitled 'Nature's Way of Saying 'Don't Touch.'

Three pictures of aggressive animals, the fourth is of some nut with a rubber boot on his head.