Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I've Been Keeping This Linguistic Killshot...

"I've been keeping this bit of land in vest pocket." 

Words attributed to Arthur Wellsley, the Duke of Wellington on the occasion of his victory at Waterloo.

Trump didn't actually come up with the phrase, "Americans are Dreamers too."  It dates back to the primaries although I honestly don't remember who said it first.  And it didn't matter.  President Trump stored that one away, waiting for the perfect time to use it.  Which turned out to be last night.  It left the Democrats in stunned, confusion and reeling in anger.

Last night was definitely a triumph for a president that is having a pretty good week.  The State of the Union address will create quite a bit of momentum going into Friday and the drop of the House Memo.  Pelosi seems so flustered by this and the vote was so stringently along party lines, I am becoming more curious by second as to it's contents.

The State of the Union exceeded all of my expectations.

The Democrat reply on the other hand was everything I was expecting it to be.

A lame series of buzzwords delivered to an "audience" that couldn't be shown in full because it was obviously too small, from the latest scion of a fallen political dynasty.  John, Bobby, Teddy and Joe.  For fuck's sake guys could you consider coming up with an original name.

The Democrat Boomers are trying to convince themselves that they are in love with this third generation of Joe Kennedys, Joey-Joe-Jo, now because...well what else have they got?  A bunch of half senile geriatrics that are "too old, too familiar and too tainted by a thousand shabby little deals."

 If there is one thing the Democrats love it's a new face and blank resume.  Bill Clinton had that going for him at one time.  So did Obama.  Apparently it's Joey-Joe-Jo's turn.

Sounds like William Shatner trying to sound like John F. Kennedy but without the Boston accent.  Normally when a Democrat addresses "Union Folks" he takes off his jacket, his tie and rolls up his sleeves in workers solidarity.  Joey-Joe-Jo either forgot about the last two bits, thought it wouldn't look sufficiently presidential or just knew he would look ridiculous pretending he had ever worked the floor a day in his entire pampered life.

Iowahawk is still nevertrumping but he still comes up with a great line now and then.  "Not sure if trotting out the Drooling Ginger Princeling of Camelot is the best way to dethrone Trump, but it's a bold strategy"

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