Saturday, January 20, 2018

It Wasn't That Interesting

The problem with Dark Winter was that, although I had removed the links and thought that I had pulled down all the chapters, Amazon's internet detectives found a few that I had missed.

Thus I was in violation of my phonebook of a contract with Kindle Digital.

Problem appears to have been resolved (although it left me twitching with paranoia) and Dark Winter is once again on sale to a grateful world.

The third edition with many, many less errors should be available soon.

Thank you all for your concern and support.

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Shitlord Numéro Uno said...

What's very typical of Amazon is that, instead of just sending you an email saying, "Cataline, we've found a few of your chapters online at url1, url2...urln, and unless you remove these by X time on Y day you will be in violation of your contract," they just pulled your stuff down with no explanation.

I know some big Amazon sellers (like, solid 7 figure personal incomes big) who are desperately trying to get away from Amazon because of how badly Amazon raw dogs its partners, including directly competing with them using their own data.

I think that Amazon will be a shadow of its former self in five years' time, but in the meanwhile they are in a position to really do some damage.