Monday, December 25, 2017

Star Wars Falls

I was right.  The Boxoffice fall off is a nearly tectonic shift of 69%.

Batman V Superman's was 69.%

The third of the new Star Wars movies is performing as badly as a DC Comics movie.

This is the beginning of the end for Kathleen Kennedy because I am now becoming positive that Solo: A Star Wars Film by Star Wars is going to be the first of the actual money losers. 


Johnny said...

What is keeping the thing afloat is Disney marketing, and the big cost to Disney is the damage to the Star Wars brand. Another clunker like this and that will probably be the end of the series.

Lovekraft said...

Imagine those boardroom meeting where the PowerFeminists and their meek cucks try to paint the picture of the Empowered Female and her happy-go-lucky Diversity Teammate during a time when GloboJihad and its dark enablers are spreading like cancer.

Sweden. Venezuela. Merkel Lego. ALL implemented during a time of Feminism and ObamaGlobalism.

Cognitive dissonance doesn't begin to describe the situation. More like greed, hypocrisy and misdirection.