Friday, December 8, 2017

Someone At Bud Has A Sense of Humor Now?

Twenty years ago when craft breweries were called micros.  They had a fairly positive and cooperative relationship with the big boys.  

The micros knew that their stuff was qualitatively much better than Bud, Miller, Whathaveyou.  But they also knew there was no way in hell that they could produce their beer on the major's scale and maintain the quality.  Even if they had the money...which they didn' could not be done.

The kings of beer, found the little guys charming and unoffensive.  Having them around served to neuter any talk of monopolistic practices as well as giving them a warm and fuzzy about the good old days when beer actually was delivered by draft horses.  As for the micro market share, they lost more beer in road accidents than they did to those guys.

Ten years later, everything had changed.  The army of Davids and chewed off about twentyfive percent of Goliath's market share and the giant was now pissed.  Lots of nuisance suits flew all over the place.  They also used their legislative power to make life difficult for them.  Requiring that they pay to have spent grains be disposed of instead of selling it as cattle feed, just for example.

Finally the Busch family decided that the writing was on the wall and sold the family business to the Belgian booze mountain called, InBev.

More recently when their efforts to move into the craft market themselves failed.  They decided to try and hang on the blue collar market by making fun of craft beer.

Which lead to this commercial.

Not bad but one of the craft breweries decided to strike back and launched a beer called Dilly Dilly.

In response, Bud sent them the greatest infringement letter of all time.

I got to admit, the superbowl tickets were a nice touch.


Mr.MantraMan said...

Sam Adams Boston Lager myself

owlish said...

I'm not at all sure InBev's purchases of microbrewerys has failed. They take up a lot of space in the local supermarket.

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( Real Men correct Nate ... 's ... speeling ◕‿◕ ... ◔ ⌣ ◔ ... ◕‿↼ Passive Aggressively ) said...

i still think "Responsibly" would be the best beer name ever.

just imagine, every single beer ad in the country ends with a plea to "drink Responsibly".