Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Has Finally Cracked

Back when I was a proud Libertarian instead of an embarrassed one, Cracked was a daily stop for me on the old internet tubes.  I could usually find at least one post that give me a laugh.  Be it Seanbaby's take on the worst fighters in the MMA or John Cheese's 7 Terrible Life Lessons Learned from 'The Neverending Story'.  There was almost always something the would make chuckle.

And then things began to change.  Articles about how Teddy Roosevelt was the most badass president of all time were replaced with articles about how hard it is to be a transgender in today's Army.  What was a Libertarin humor site turned into an SJW humor conformity magazine with a Salon bent.

No real need to ask what happened.  I've mentioned it before repeatedly.  Libertarian  media will always get infiltrated by SJWs because Libertarians always virtue signal to the Left.  They always want to be seen as a the cool right wing.  They will keep a couple of hard lefties on the payroll to prove how openminded they are.  The inevitable result?  The Lefties in question move into HR and start hiring the liked minded.  Convergence guaranteed.

Sadly, the wages of SJWism aren't that good unless Disney or Google has bought your company.

Case in point.

Massive layoffs announced at

Dan O'Brein actually used to run the show there.  Back when it was good I mean.  Here's hoping he has luck in his future endeavors.

In the meantime enjoy this throwback from when Cracked was actually trying to make you laugh instead of hate yourself for the crime of being White.

I agree. 
Red Flag.

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Mr. Bee said...

I understand Cracked was bought by a Clinton funder and turned into an outlet for campaign agitprop and then morphing into yet another SJW fest. Hopefully, whom ever put down the bucks lost his pants and now the original owners can walk in and buy it back for a song.