Monday, February 12, 2018

North Korea's Sunshine Show

"North Korea's Charm Offensive."

I have actually seen those words used by the "American" press.  Sorry for the scare quotes but really how American are they at this point?  When they actually report North Korean propaganda pretty much exactly the way most brutal regime on Earth wants it reported.

Dear Leader surrounded by MSNBC's News Crew

Not since Duranty has the MSM engaged in such propagantastic endeavors on behalf of a murderous criminal dictatorship.

And when called on the carpet about it, the reply is invariably, "because fucking Trump man!"  The most accurate quote of the day was, "your broken moral compass points only to your Trump hatred." Apparently Trump giving them the bad feelz is much worse than anything North Korea does to it's people.  (*I was going to link some DPRK atrocities but honestly it was too depressing to sort through*)

The other thing these twerps like to point out is that the South Korean government has been very cooperative with Lil' Kim's propaganda drive, so that makes them better than Trump.  Yeah. I know it doesn't make sense but we are talking about SJWs.

The reason the South is helping out the DPRK with this project has nothing to do with Trump hatred, (shocking I know) and everything to do with avoiding a military raid by North Korea.  Which happens pretty much everytime the ROK is getting a lot of attention paid to it by the rest of the world.

Yes, it's a bit craven but when Moon Jae-In won the ROK presidency.  Moon had more or less promised a return to the "Sunshine Policy" in dealing with Pyong-Yang.  The Sunshine Policy was knuckle-under and shovel cash at Kim whenever he decided to make trouble.

The ROK military hates the Sunshine Policy as it mostly involves them getting shot up and not being allowed to shoot back.  And they would really like to shoot back someday in a super-Korean sort of way.

Probably the most famous incident of this kind was the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong when ROK patrol boat 357 was subjected to a surprise attack, the North Korean Navy.  Both sides took casualties and the Norks arguably took the worst of it with thirteen fatalities as opposed to six on the ROK end of the engagement.

The reason 357 is now famous in South Korea is because under the Sunshine Policy, the whole thing was swept completely under the carpet.

In fact the ROK sailors would receive little recognition at all by the South Korean government. The Kim Dae-jung government at the time wanted to minimize what happened and keep the grieving families quiet because they did not want to upset their Sunshine Policy with North Korea, especially in a presidential election year in the ROK. Interestingly many of these same ROK politicians were busy encouraging or doing nothing about the anti-Americanism in the aftermath of the US Army Armored Vehicle Accident that tragically killed two South Korean teenagers two weeks before the naval clash. So basically the Korean government turned a blind eye to the premeditated murder of six ROK sailors while actively encouraging anti-Americanism against their long-time ally because of a tragic traffic accident.

Even more heartless was the the fact that the South Korean government sent no flag officers to attend a memorial ceremony or the President even offer any condolences to the families after the attack. USFK however did send representatives to the ceremony and USFK Commander General LaPorte offered the families his condolences. The memorial service was held on a ROK Navy base in order to minimize media access and prevent anti-North Korean activist groups from attending the memorial. One wife of a deceased sailor was so fed up with how the Korean government treated her, that she left Korea and went to the United States.

The body of her husband, Petty Officer Han Sang-Guk, was recovered by divers off the wreck of the 357.  He was last seen alive but severely wounded on the bridge of his ship.  He had been credited with saving the lives of his shipmates by steering the 357 south towards ROK reinforcements.  The divers found him still at his post.  His hand tied to the ships wheel.

President Roh did not attend a memorial ceremony for the murdered sailors and the memorial services in later years were attended largely by ROK Navy and USFK leaders. The South Korean ruling party failure to honor these brave sailors was only a further example of the failure of the Sunshine Policy. The South Korean government gave massiv e amounts of aid to North Korea and they murder South Korean sailors, fire a tactical ballistic missiles, and test nuclear weapons among of host of other provocations. Probably the worst example of North Korean appeasement is how the South Korean political left ignored the plight of hundreds of South Korean citizens that had been abducted by North Korean commandos and agents over the years. A South Korean wife of one of the abductees had to mount her own personal rescue operation to free her husband from enslavement in North Korea while the South Korean government did nothing to assist her. So the 2nd Battle of Yeonpyeong was just one of many incidents in a long line of appeasement of North Korea. In the ensuing years the South Korean government under left wing President Roh Moo-hyun would send North Korea a record of over one billion dollars in aid which is more than they pay to help fund the US-ROK alliance.

The Globalists are jizzing themselves over yet another Left wing victory. They are claiming that it's a defeat for Trump but really it's reaction against a Right wing president who was ousted for numerous scandals.

This isn't necessarily the kiss of the life to the Kim family.  China is still disgusted with them and at this time they are the ones who get to decide if they want to liquidate their embarrassingly corrupt ally.  

In strategic terms we are now in a position where the flanks are strong but the center is weak.  

But when dealing with China, you shouldn't think in terms of Chess.  In terms of strategy China's game has always been Go. The objective of Go—as the translation of its name implies—is to fully surround a larger total area of the board than the opponent.

China may prefer dealing with an officially Leftist government, when contemplating a change in government at Pyong-Yang.

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