Thursday, August 23, 2018

Don't Try to Scare Criminals with Your Gun

This a forgive me for stating the fucking obvious post.

I am today weighing in on a stupid debate.

Resolved, can you frighten off a home invader with the "Ka-shuck" sound of chambering a shotgun?

Yes and no but it's an equally stupid practice regardless.

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you will not be defeated in a hundred battles" -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

If you are taking the pro-"Ka-shuck" position then you don't know your enemy at all.

There are two types of home invader today.  Daytime and Nighttime.

The Daytime home invader can be frightened off with the "Ka-shuck" sound of you chambering a round in your shotgun.  He can also be frightened off by you shouting, "who's there?"  He can also be frightened off by the sound of your dog barking.

The Daytime home invader wants absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever.  He doesn't want contact with you in any way, shape or form.  What he wants is to toss your house for five minutes and get the hell out.  He will hit your wife's underwear drawer because that is wear she stupidly keeps her jewelry.  It feels intimate to her, so she misinterprets that as a safe space for valuables.  He will hit hit the kitchen hard because people "cleverly" store money in coffee cans.  Yeah, he has actually heard about that one.  Then he is going to grab your electronics.

One of Daytime home invaders highest priories are going to be your guns.  Those are gold to him.  And that is about the only time that he will be a threat to you.  If you come home unexpectedly and he has your gun in his hand.  He may be panicked enough to fire.

That is the big reason to have an actual bolted to the ground, gun safe.  If it's not bolted to the floor, bolt it to the damn floor!  Yeah I know it's heavy, real heavy.  But the Daytime home invader is one of the hardest working criminals there is.  He will find a way to take the safe with him no matter how much it weighs.    It is always worth his time to steal a safe.

The Nighttime home invaders are different beasts entirely.

First of all note the use of the plural.

There is going no less than three of them.  That is the minimum number that there will be.  Three.  Count them with me now;  One. Two. Three.  There may in fact be more but that is the smallest number of Nighttime home invaders you will face in that situation.

And hurting you and your family is very much on their menu.

But surely the "Ka-shuck" will work on these guys!  You ask.

Ah, no.  Because they are screaming, "OPEN FUCKING DOOR!  OPEN IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW MOTHER FUCKER!  OPEN IT!" At the top of their lungs, even as they are crashing their way through it.  They can't hear the "Ka-shuck" under those circumstances.

This tactic is called Rapid Dominance, in military parlance. Or "Shock and Awe" if you are a stupid as hell liberal.

After gaining entry they will immediately set about beating you nearly or completely to death and then raping your wife and daughter(s).  That is on the menu too.  It's part of the fun for them.

A Mossberg 590 Tactical will carry no more than nine rounds including one in the chamber.  That gives you three rounds per man.  That is a tough fight.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained by wasting one of those rounds just to make a sound.

Trust me on this point, the gun will make plenty of noise when you pull the trigger.


Mr. Bee said...

Jew613 said...

If someone has broken into your home his intentions are not good. Do what you have to in order to survive.

Cederq said...

I agree, why rack a round when the "boom" would be far more impressive and have better results...