Monday, July 16, 2018

Twitchy Goes Hardcore Cuckservative

Honestly, I wasn't particularly wild about Twitchy to begin with.

Let's face it their whole "OMG, I Can't Even and WH-U-U-U-U-T" headlines routinely forced my brain cells to start drawing lots to see who would perform the final mercy on his fellows before finishing himself off.

Few things are more ridiculous than Gen-Xer women trying to get jiggy with Millennials and Twitchy just reeks of that.

It is with some shame that I admit to occasionally giving it the click, when it's cruising by the sidebar on Instapundit.  Once in a while, someone's genuinely witty comment will drop like a nice enjoyable bombshell on the heads of the lefties.  It saved me the bother of actually reading Twitter and for that I was grateful.

But there was always something just a bit off with it's preferred tweeters.  Twitchy always favored atheists right wingers and celebrities.  Twitchy is the kind of rightwing site that accepts without question, Jordan Peterson as an absolute moral authority.

Never accept any atheist as a moral authority because the only judge over their actions that they will ultimately accept is the self.

But as I said I have always been willing to tolerate it for the sake of it's occasional amusement value...up until today.  As of today it's on my permanent block list.  I will not allow it to be advertised on my blog and if you see it here please inform me.

Today Twitchy became a raging fire hose of shit from #NeverTrumpers that has my blood pressure on overload. 

Sarah D. I've got really bad news for you.  Trump is in a position where it probably is far preferable for him to trust Putin than any of the Intel agencies that report to him. I've been trying to ignore John McCain's antics due to his terminal brain disease but it's getting harder and harder, so I'll concentrate on Romney instead.  The fact that Mitt Romney is  rushing to support the DeepState isn't exactly a reason to look up that Massachusetts acceptable Republican that somehow bumbled his way into Utah.  The man is the ultimate in Overton Window acceptable Republicans.  A failure who is guaranteed to tell you how important it is to fail respectably...rather than do what it takes to actually win and save the country.  Sarah D. the fact that you have revealed these men to be your beloved favorites makes my skin crawl and I'm done with your pathetic buzzfeed wannabe rag.

Twitchy = #FakeRight


Mr.MantraMan said...

Maybe its the clickbait model, because the comments on one thread were about 2nevertrump and 24 Trump is the Terminator.

Mussorgsky112 said...

But Jordan Peterson is a good man. He's the prophet of Judeo-Christ, here to ramble on about what Truth is and avoid the trick question of whether or not he believes in a deity. He is here to make us New Soviet Men... I mean, I'm, help us clean our rooms and be good drones... I mean, beta males... we, um... lobsters? Buckos? Totally not NAZIs, though, but commies aren't bad because there were never true communists before.

All sarcasm aside, I'm wary of anyone on the right who still trusts him. Especially if thise same people are NeverTrump, Feminazi, atheist, socialist, or other forms of NotConservatives.

Chris Lutz said...

One can only see so many TRUTH BOMBS, MIC DROP, DEVASTATING REPLY's, and swear words before understanding the Twitchy is click bait. Plus the shilling for Benji and other members of the acceptable Right is obvious.