Friday, June 8, 2018

The Dark Herald was Right

...for a change.

According to Ankler which is definitely an insider rag, Kathleen Kennedy is stepping down from Lucasfilm at the end of summer.  Look for her her to have some kind of face saving promotion at Disney.

While this is a first step in the right direction, it could also easily be a last step.  Lucasfilm will need a top to bottom SJW cleansing, as well as a new creative direction.  Filoni can provide the creative part but he's going to need a boss that can run a production house.

Disney has by now come to the uncomfortable conclusion that they are in the same boat as Warner Brothers is with DC.

When it comes to Lucasfilm, the House of Mouse just doesn't get it.

They really just don't bone deep understand Star Wars.  If they did, a course correction would have been implemented when The Last Jedi was in production.  Nobody higher up the food chain could see what we all saw plain as day.  That Kennedy and Johnson were breaking the neck of the golden goose.  All of us were asking, where were the adults in the room, when this was being made?  The answer is they were in the room and thought everything was just fine because they don't understand Star Wars.

I have come to the opinion that Disney Execs were more of less thinking of Rey as another Disney Princess.  I'm serious, I think that is how they automatically reacted in their institutional mindset and reflexes.  There was probably someone who wanted to know why she wasn't singing to BB-8.

Anyway, the SJWs have now moved from denial to anger about Soylo's failure. MRAs are to blame. Sexists are to blame. Marketing is to blame. Trump is to blame. Having a White Man in the lead is to blame (bad news for the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy).  And finally and in truth accurately, the Toxic Fans are blame.

 They are right on this last point.  We have rejected their ideals and we won't pay money to see them.


owlish said...

You know, if they really want a movie franchise about a space princess, they could pick up the rights to Jupiter Ascending for cheap.

Chris Lutz said...

Jupiter Ascending had some good concepts buried in it. The problem is it was made by two guys who think they are women and thus mentally unstable.

Besides Marvel and Pixar, for the past 30 years, Disney has only been good at girl stuff. They don't have anyone who understands boys/men and what motivates them. Sadly, they do not seem to be able to learn either.

Jew613 said...

Chris, some of their tv shows are aimed at boys. Though mostly on Disney XD at this point as their main channel is pure Feminism. Gravity Falls & Mighty Med were pure boy shows. Though Alex Hirsch has said Disney had so much going on they essentially forgot about him and let him run the show how he wanted.

Mr.MantraMan said...

So the days of Kurt Russel running about in animal skins is over?

cavalier973 said...

"There was probably someone who wanted to know why she wasn't singing to BB-8."

It's funny, because it's true.

Jon Mollison said...

That's why they bought Ma4vel and Lucasfilm. They wanted to crack into the boy's aisle but couldn't create IP that interested boys, so they just acquired the two biggest ones. The problem is that they also lack an ability to curate or maintain those IP. They fall back into the deminine model and everything falls apart.

Chris Lutz said...

@Jew613 - As you pointed out though, those shows exist because Disney kind of forgot about them. I remember when DisneyXD replaced one of the Disney channels. It was Disney's attempt to reach boys. I can't speak to how successful it's been other than to see the few times I've looked at the lineup I have not been impressed.

Personally, I do not think kid programming in large doses is healthy for kids. There is something to be said for the days when programming had shows with more adult themes that could be watched by the younger members of the family.

A funny take on Disney running Star Wars:

bert bvdemier said...

"the Toxic Fans are blame."

Everybody who wants to sell something, always remember this: playing The Blame Game only makes it worse. We will not return if you act like an asshole. I felt zero desire to watch Star Wars after watching The Expanse.
Seeing an actress leave facebook, twitter or whatever at the same time your latest movie is bombing is an act we have seen played out many times and has grown stale.
Watching the same thing happen today because Steam refuses to bend the knee to the screaming mob telling us how we should behave, only proves more that you people lie.
Toxic fans are a myth, toxic creators are not.

Mr. Bee said...

Since you bring up Disney's Princess thing, I offer the following as an example of early Disney Mary Sue writing in the cable show "Kim Possible". I had problems with the show because the male characters were uniformly either evil, obnoxious, buffoons or all 3. I never pursued that theory because I have a life, but apparently this video was done by someone who had some time on their hands and is highly educational about the history of Mary Sue/male bashing at Disney.

Start at 14:30 as the first part was heavy on psychobable and self vindication. If the analysis of SJW writing interests you, check it out.

Wynn Lloyd said...

Disney XD has the rights to Yokai Watch in the U.S.
They've censored some of the more lurid images, but the good thing about Japanese content is that it can't usually be converged without wrecking it totally.
So at least something will survive their efforts.

Paul M said...

You know what would save Star Wars? Graphic, realistic swordfights and an R rating. I'm thinking western-style sword play, which the asians might find novel and exotic.