Friday, June 1, 2018

Stop Calling for Kathleen Kennedy to be Fired!!!

Because she's already fired.

That's how it works.  There isn't going to be a big public announcement.  Not when there is a soooper major stockholder and merger battle going on.

No.  Cray-Cray Kay-Kay, is negotiating her Golden Parachute, while Iger tries to sweet-talk Kevin Fiege into becoming the post-iceberg captain of the Titanic.

Kennedy has proven herself to be a Peter Principle appointee.  She has been promoted beyond her level of competence and it was a razor thin plateau in her case.

As Lucasfilm's president, she has done nothing but hire on directors then fire them in a snit. Backed to the hilt, strange little circular headed Gamma males who were intent on destroying the foundation of the OG franchise,"Let the past die. Kill It!  If you have to."  Started pointless, tee shirt-centric controversies.  And gotten into viscous fights with the core of one of the most loyal fanbases on Earth.

"But Cataline," you ask in boggle eyed confusion.  "How do you know she's been axed?"

A good question Padawan.

The answer is, "follow the shill."  In this case John Campea.

Campea is the "World's Biggest Star Wars Fan" on YouTube.  He is also married to a HASBRO executive and is heavily promoted by Disney.  I'm not saying that he is a paid shill you understand, (*Because my daily reader base is now big enough that I might be looking at a lawsuit and Cataline does not need that shit.*) but I will say that I am taking his road to Damascus moment about Cray-Cray Kay-Kay with a grain of salt.   He has been the world's biggest Kathleen Kennedy supporter on Youtube and "Worships at her alter."

Well, behold the goddess who bleeds because he did a total one-eighty today with a video titled "Five Reason Kathleen Kennedy Needs to Step Down."

You will note I did not provide a link.  Because I do not like him.

Regardless the title is enough to let you know that he has received, "instruction from on-high."  Which means the shills have their marching orders.  Kathleen Kennedy will announce a serious health problem that will force her to "temporarily" step down within the next month or two.

Unlike John Lassester's absence, her's will be permanent.


Tamaqua said...

The great question that follows is-will her replacement charge full speed ahead into more Social Justice Wars, or actually make a effort to rebuild from the smoking crater she’s leaving behind her by making a fucking movie men and boys can enjoy, with male heroes and villains? I’m not holding my breath, since Star Wars hasn’t had a good movie since 1983. All the good characters are dead now anyway.

Cataline Sergius said...

All the good characters are dead now anyway.

That is the problem. Characters and much more importantly, the interaction between characters are what drives any story.

The current crop of characters are awful. There is nothing that can be done with them at this point but something HAS to be done with them. Because there needs to be a third movie because business politics - see the previous post.

Chris Lutz said...

My bet is even if KK is sent packing, Disney will let Jar Jar Abrams complete the trilogy. They will get a tight rein on the budget and try to limit the damage. After that, except for Rogue One, the new trilogy and Solo will be quietly forgotten.

Meanwhile, all of the new projects get scrapped. Instead they'll try to bring in someone familiar with Star Wars who can look at the EU material and come up with a road map that uses the best parts to make a coherent set of movies.

Of course this assumes Disney doesn't hire another SJW. Feige is already beginning to crack. Pixar is showing signs of cracking (The Incredibles II will be a litmus test). Can Disney right the SW ship? They haven't been able to with a lot of their properties.

Tamaqua said...

It would be fantastic if someone had the balls (pun definitely intended) to wipe the slate clean and kill off all the new characters on both sides in some sort of space Armageddon so anything going forward can occur in a wide open galaxy, with the tech dialed way back, a kind of Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire scenario, where the Old Republic, the Empire and the culture of that time are mostly forgotten memories and ruins of ancient times, and the new galaxy is more primitive, barbaric and survival oriented. Mad Max in space.

bob kek mando - ( Creepy Joe Biden always asks for consent before changing your baby's diaper ) said...

"[Kathleen Kennedy has]gotten into viscous fights"

hey now.

you leave my oiled stripper wrestling out of this.

bert bvdemier said...

While your logic makes sense and has been used in the past, there is one problem with your train of thought.
And that problem is the nature of people.

If you ever want to see what Cataline means look at the career of the Gostbusters 2016 people. All are still working, but all have been degraded in the budget they are allowed to work with.

The problem, cata, is that Disney could have done what you think 4 to 5 months ago. But it is to late for that now. The Star-wars Titanic didnt just hit an iceberg, it hit the ice-berg, the captain denied it hit the ice-berg and while the boat was taking water the captain and her cronies denied it was taking water.
Right now Solo seems to have a 70% drop off in the second weekend. Solo isn't a bomb, it is a thermo-nucleair warhead. It is looking world wide boxoffice of 400 mil. That is John Carter territory.

The time for saving face is over when there is no more face to save.
If Disney wants to save some part of the Star Wars brand ( and by your own logic it needs to salvage something ) then heads need to roll for this and they need to roll publicly.

Chris Lutz said...

Disney wasn't going to do it 4-5 months ago because TLJ made money. It was easy for everyone at Disney to accept all of the excuses for why it underperformed. I think a lot of them honestly believed it was due to whatever racist/sexist/-ist fans. But it didn't matter because their new multicultural Star Wars would bring in the new fans. Who needs those white guys or even men in general?

Outside of animation and Marvel, has Disney produced any live action blockbusters? John Carter bombed. A Wrinkle in Time bombed. Star Wars is spiraling into the ground.

Mr.MantraMan said...

FTR I liked John Carter. Disney has as much chance of saving this as a wingless plane having a happy landing.

Second I like the space armageddon theme. I recently watched the first trilogy, basic WWII movies with blasters and FTLs. Second set was Ocean's Eleven steal Star Trek TNG's gig, chick has baby. Third set is basically worn out comic book movie shtick spiced with the ever present and ever boring Holy Diversity.

Nuke this shit from space

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

If this is true, I really can’t see this going anywhere positive. Well, except that KK’s firing would be positive, in and of itself. What director/writer combo out there right now could fix this? And I don’t mean fix it from a Disney shareholder perspective. I mean from a longtime fan perspective?

Can anyone think of people who could fix this? Feige won’t, Not for realsies. He’s an SJW at heart and as someone said upthread, he’s cracking now to (or feeling confident he’s hooked his people and can switch now).

All this makes me wonder, what exactly would Lord and Smith’s film have looked like? Might have actually been interesting.

owlish said...

Hmm. I could really make people's heads explode with a Foundation kind of setup. Due to all the fighting, hyperfuel becomes much rarer. Cut off from the rest of the galaxy, individual planets do their own thing. A few research stations/jedi enclaves still exist. A century or two later one discovers an alternative to hyperfuel.

Mr. Bee said...

Disney needs to start over from square one. Just ignore these movies in terms of SWs continuity (let the past die ...) and create their own SW universe.

It's like having an ice cream store have the customers point out that one flavor is 10 percent actual shit by content. You're never going sell that type of ice cream again. They need to move on, restrict themselves to the EU, or create their own version of the EU and work up from there.

L. Beau said...

Okay, Star Wars, as a franchise, may be beyond salvation, at least in the near-term (10-15 years. - and Mr. Bee is likely right.)

Also, I liked parts of John Carter, too (Woola!)

Still, this is a day of Independence, for the fanboys and their descendants!
Song Time:

Chris Lutz said...

I thought John Carter was okay. The script needed tightened up to a smaller story. Also, they needed a different lead and they should have named the film Barsoom.