Monday, June 25, 2018

Star Wars: It's Not Over Yet

Apparently I was kinda, sorta wrong.

Cray-Cray Kay-Kay, has not been fired...because they can't find anyone to replace to her.

Bob Iger absolutely wants to shit can her but nobody wants to take command of a post iceberg Titanic.  According to Grace they offered the Job to J.J. Abrams (which would have been disastrous) but apparently he knows his limitations and he turned down the job flat. 

Episode 9 is still a go because they are well past the point of no return there in terms of...well, everything.  Kennedy has, according to this report anyway, stepped away from any input on Episode IX.  It's now all on Abrams shoulders.

And sad new, Dave Filoni wasn't even considered for the job.  Upside, Kiri Hart wasn't offered it either...yet.  Disney wants to give it to a big name but none of the big names want it.  During the brief period that it was making money on inertia, Kay-Kay brought in a shit ton of SJWs who are loyal to her. Anyone who takes that job either has to either figure out how to manage them or do a mass firing on day one. 

Honestly the mass firing is the only thing that the replacement can do but first you have to find the guy. 

Like I said, none of the big names want the job and Disney isn't willing to throw the dice on the little names...yet.

2019, will be the year that determines the future of the franchise.  Episode 9 plus the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

If the fans stay away from both, Disney will have to take drastic action.


Rigel Kent said...

That's one way to achieve job security, screw the pooch so bad nobody else wants it!

bob kek mando - ( "an entirely disconnected spew of word vomit" ) said...

that's the problem though; when you screw the pooch so bad nobody else will take on the responsibility, it's usually because the woman has left a smoking crater where before there had been a successful enterprise.

take a look at what Teresa Earnhardt did to DEI. everybody kissed her ass about what an awesome business woman she was and how *she* had made DEI such a money making concern. you know. because it was soooooooo hard to sell and license Dale Earnhardt memorabilia.

then Senior died.

and the only real asset DEI had left was Junior. oh. and Teresa's "business abilities".

so, after several years of mediocre performance, Junior starts getting restless and demanding more management control over on the racing side of things. you know, what with him being the only 'Dale Earnhardt' around anymore.

Teresa ran him out of the company. and the excuse she gave was that she wanted to 'protect' her stake in the company so that her daughter ( Junior's half sister ) would have something to inherit.

so Dale Earnhardt Jr ( and Martin Truex and Paul Menard ) left Dale Earnhardt Inc. to go earn his millions in marketing for Richard Childress. and Dale Earnhardt Inc. doesn't exist anymore.

way to protect your daughter's inheritance, you retarded cunt.

bob kek mando - ( "an entirely disconnected spew of word vomit" ) said...

ah hahahahahaha.

you remember years ago, when i told Vox that the over reaction of his opponents on the Left would drive Normies towards his side?

even if she's a Leftist, Grace is pissed at the SJWs. because they're such assholes.

Mr. Bee said...

Kennedy is fired. She ain't giving any more input into the Star Wars franchise, period. This "they can't find anyone to take over" is so much bullsnot. They WILL locate someone to take it over, just not someone inside the present circle jerk of Disney management. It's just a matter of Iger selecting someone who will give him plausible deniability should Kennedy's fuck ups turn out to be terminal. One thing for sure, George Lucas must be laughing his ass off right about now.

Chris Lutz said...

Of course Lucas is laughing. The prequels, while weak, look far better in comparison as Disney epically fails.

I don't know how they expect to bring anyone in without that person being able to clean house. At this point I think they are scared of cleaning house and firing a bunch of SJW's, especially the story group.

BTW, how can anyone stand listening to Grace? I find her voice grating.

bert bvdemier said...

I think Iger hopes that just bringing in a new guy is enough, If episode 9 makes enough monies and Ray-Ray can be kept quiet.

Problem is, I have rarely seen an entity that is completly converged survive for this long. Ussualy the money dries up faster and people just let it die.

If Iger wants to salvage this thing he needs to Purge and he needs to Purge hard. I mean we are talking about "Fire them all, Disney will recognise its own, no mercy for the misguided" level of purging.

Chris Lutz said...

@bert - I agree, Disney needs to do mass firings. I think their problem is that they'll end up firing a bunch of women and minorities. They don't want those optics. But, if they don't purge Lucasfilm, they'll never get anyone with experience to take over. They are caught in a Catch-22 of their own making.