Saturday, June 16, 2018

Basement Dwelling Manbabies Unite!

Now it's full on SJW war against the Star Wars fans.

Repeat after me.  We are all rascist, sexist Manbabies living in our mother's basements. 

Slimey, wriggling, squirming pile of self righteousness and alleged comedian, Stephen "Cockholster" Colbert said so and everything.

This one felt timely again.

UPDATE and bumped

Apparently they heard you guys


Mr. Bee said...

I'd be willing to bet that 90+ percent of those "misogynist" posts on Tran's Instagram site came from SJW sockpuppets. Too bad she took it down so we can't tell.

Pavlosky Ufanov said...

Many wonder why RLM has been so soft on SW/Disney lately, TLJ contains many horrible mistakes that they should be picking on.

I understand RLM doesn't like to be too political on their analysis, but their silence on Ryan Johnson's "I like to divide the audience" and shitty storytelling abilities is deafening.

And don't get me wrong, I love LRM, but I suspect Disney has buttered them to not make bad publicity on their movies, as even Kevin feige is a publicly declared fan of theirs.

Mr. Bee said...

Re: RLM. Given the sophistication of the Plinket take downs of the prequels I'd say they probably have script doctor work on the side or even scripts in review with major production companies. Pissing off the biggest of the big dogs is likely no longer a profitable past time, I expect.

Pavlosky Ufanov said...

Mr Big, yes, it is likely something along these lines, it certainly has a feel of not biting the hand that feeds you, isn't?

It is quite sad, I admire RLM.

L. Beau said...

The "Mr. Plinkett" video essays picking apart the Star Wars prequels came out years after the prequels themselves had left theatres. Give the RLM guys a little time, will ya!

cavalier973 said...

Rich Evans said he like Solo. They made a joking reference the idea that Disney paid,off reviewers, then gave Solo a positive-ish review.

I dont think any,of them recommended the movie, though.

Rich liked it b/c it wasn't two,hours of fanboy service. I forget why Mike kinda liked it. Jay was most critical of it, but it seemed like he was upset that the fembot was making fun of SJWs.

Mr.MantraMan said...

Not a real fan, but I happened to be perusing FreeRepublic today when I clicked open a thread about some stern looking dope wearing a safety pin taking a selfie and proclaiming that he a bonafide Star Wars author can declare people not only deplorable but "detestable human beings."

Paul Kemp or something like that who being a white libtard no doubt has no non-white friends and is probably actually scared shitless of any non-whites he sees beyond Asian Soymos.

L. Beau said...
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L. Beau said...

Told Ya.

Mr.MantraMan said...

Denninger bought an IMAX ticket for Solo and wants his money back and KK fitted for concrete overshoes.

Pavlosky Ufanov said...

Not sure their joke about SJWs is sincere, their attitude over the whole SJW fenomenom has always ranged from "we don't care, it's not a big deal" to "kind of they have a point".

This is my impression though, happy to be pointed wrong.

Black Fang said...

I believe I read someplace that Rich Evans was more or less a Bernie Bro, and that Mike was possibly the most right-leaning of the whole gang, but not by much. In any event, I don't watch Internet reviewers much anymore; maybe I grew out of their style of humor, but a lot of them have revealed themselves as SJW sympathizers, even benign-seeming guys like Eli Stone/Cartoon Hero.