Friday, May 11, 2018

This Is From Team: I Love Science Sexually

As ACE put it, "If they're doing Lamarck, what's up next? Phrenology?"


exfarmkid said...

This cannot be real .... can it?

bob kek mando - ( your mom always did like me best ) said...

why not?

there's been work suggesting that a womb can pick up genetic material from sperm expended into it, even if no egg is fertilized.

meaning that, if your woman had sex before you met her, she could promulgate genetic material from previous males to your offspring.

you should also be well aware by now that Leftists constantly argue both sides of any argument, depending on how they think they can benefit at the moment.

consider, Sexual Identity and Orientation.

is Sexual Identity / Orientation a matter of unlimited personal preference which can be changed on a whim?

or is it Biologically Determined and completely beyond personnel choice or preference?

because Fags / Trannies / Feminists / et al argue policy on the basis of both contentions all the time.

they don't care if something is "True". they never did. and it was YOUR error to take them seriously. they will, in fact, assume that you deserved to be Lied too ... because you were "dumb" enough to consider the Lie in the first place.

L. Beau said...

Pro Comment, Bob K.M.!