Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Corriea Affair: Day Three

UPDATE:  Origins' Facebook page, which has a been a source of comedy gold for the last twenty-four hours is down as of this morning.

Unsurprising.  Ward has proven himself to be a Gamma Male's Gamma.  All of this has just shattered his nerves, I'm certain. 

One remarkable idiot with an incredibly goth homepage actually posted a link to  Larry's The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape post under the heading of "Rape Apologist, Much?"  As you can see it was in the approved SJWspeak format of J'ACCUSE Much? Followed by a link.  This is  an incredible mike drop moment if you are mindless SJWbot, which this stunningly gothtastic chick absolutely is.   

This post was like queer-beat-poet trying to perform her masterpiece, Why Is Masturbating While Sitting in a Bucket of Cold Mashed Potatoes So Depressing? While in the chicken wire cage at a redneck bar.  Larry's fans had lots of fun with it.

This demonstrates the problem of NewSpeak.  If you don't speak SJW, then SJWs are fundamentally incapable of having a conversation with you because you don't understand the concepts of what their words mean. 

Take, "rapist," for instance.  Larry Corriea thinks that a rapist is a man who grabs a woman from behind, bashes her head against a wall and then drags her screaming into an alley to sexually violate her. This SJW goth-chick defines rape as a guys who sits with his knees three inches apart.  Or worse still, is an unattractive male that looks at her.

Larry feels that his rapist should be shot stone dead (he is correct BTW).  Gothchick feels that her rapist should be forced to attend a class on Toxic Masculinity, so that he will keeps his eyes down and his knees together when in her royal presence.

She obviously didn't read Larry's article.  And there would be no point if she did because she is fundamentally incapable of understanding a single word of it.

UPDATE:  My mistake.  Origins' FB page is still up.  Facebook is just hiding it from casual searches now.  You'll have to google it, to find it.

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Trimegistus said...

You can laugh at how they beclown themselves and display their blatant hypocrisy and stupidity . . .

. . . but at the end of the day, Larry Correia won't be at Origins. He won't connect with fans, he won't attract new readers, and nobody will hear his opinions. The fascists who got him banned have won. They can continue to slander him as a "nazi" and "rape apologist." And people who don't follow your blog or read Larry's own site will know only that "he's some kind of racist alt-right guy."

They won. Don't think for an instant this is anything but a humiliation and a defeat for Mr. Correia, and all of us who don't want SJWs to control what we read and what games we buy.

We need to come up with a way to fight this. To identify the people responsible, and target them. Make them understand that they will suffer real consequences for their whispering campaigns and lies and false accusations. If there are no consequences it will keep happening.