Monday, May 28, 2018

Star Wars: Soylo - 83.3 Million

At last we will have revenge.

83.3 is the real weekend number, not this mythical "four day" Memorial Day Weekend.  That stretching of the weekend was only done to make the numbers more impressive.

In real terms, Kathleen Kennedy has killed the franchise.

Star Wars was the franchise that started franchises and now the OG is broken.

I suppose that theoretically it could still be saved. We kicked around a few story ideas here at the Dark Herald that were light years better than anything that will come out of Lucasfilm.

But the sad truth is that Star Wars can't be saved.  It would require swift and sweeping movement in the right direction and that isn't going to happen.  Everyone at Disney and Lucasfilm are going to be in doubledown mode.  We can expect at least one more SJW Star Wars film, probably two, although I would be surprised if it got to three.

Kennedy won't voluntarily resign and Bob Iger can't fire her without calling his own future into question.  Disney's BOD are mostly tame, rich SJWs but the institutional investors aren't.  And Lucasfilm has delivered two films that have seriously underperformed leaving a crater in Disney's spreadsheet that Marvel is now hard pressed to paper over.  Infinity War has only made 1.9 billion, Kevin Feige can't work miracles.

However, Iger has proven that he has a remarkable talent for ignoring problems that his politics create.  Witness the destruction of ESPN.  However, this may be too much for even Iger to cover up.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Top rated Roseanne cancelled for annoying Valerie Jarrett.  Bob Iger got on twitter and announced it himself.

Keith Olberman is as of this week an employee of ESPN.

So, no.  Kathleen Kennedy is in no danger at all of being fired at all.

Bob Iger will allow Cray-cray KK to continue to drive the Star Wars cart into the ground long after the wheels have been sold on E-Bay.

Grace isn't one of us but she makes some good points here.


bert bvdemier said...

I honestly thought this would be impossible, but they are doubling down, trippeling down.
It is beautiful to see.
My guess for the future will be the infection spreading to the Marvel MCU, because these people act like crabs in a bucket.
Also expect a lot of use of the term "Toxic Fandom".
It doesn't matter that there is no such thing, they will use it and anybody using it is toxic him or herself.

Keith Olberman working on ESPN. This man has been the definition of toxic behaviour since november 2016.
This is going to be so much fun.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

Ace of Spades just put up a post about Solo. At the end he had a link that said the SJW entertainment media is pushing a line now that Solo failed because Straight White Male leads are box office poison.

bert bvdemier said...

They will come up with a lot of reasons on the next few weeks but the owner of this blog said the correct reasons weeks ago:

"The Last Jedi wasn't really the biggest fight. It was the last fight. It was the break up fight. We are just walking away from this relationship because we don't care anymore. It's over. Good luck and I hope you find someone who is right for you next time."

Once that happens a franchise is dead.

Chris Lutz said...

The white male leads are the problem theory is insane. But what do you expect from mentally ill people. As stated before, TLJ broke the fandom. Killing Soylo was the perfect vehicle for revenge.

Disney has four big franchises they have acquired through the years: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and The Muppets. Marvel and Pixar came over with strong management teams. They have managed to maintain most of what makes them special. Star Wars without Lucas just doesn't have any leadership. The Muppets have been SJW'ed out of existence. Eventually management at Marvel and Pixar will turn over enough that they will succumb to the Mouse's floppy foot. Right now though, they are the only thing Disney, on the movie front, has going for them.

Chris Lutz said...

The Muppets though could easily be a general family type franchise. The first film they did once Disney bought them actually performed will. The next one bombed once it came out about the politics in it. The TV show went political and edgy, driving off the family demographic. The Muppets work if you have talented writers that can provide general kid humor with some classy adult (not crude) references. Much like Pixar managed to do for years.

Lucas, for all of his faults, never destroyed the Star Wars mythos. While the prequels are mediocre, he did allow Clone Wars and a few other side ventures that were good to excellent. As visionary head honcho he seems to do well. As detail oriented, story creator, implementer, he's weak. Disney should have kept him around with some form of limited veto power.

I thought someone outbid Disney for Fox?

Cataline Sergius said...

They've got the money but the stockholders have to go along with it. The Disney merger was a done deal. The gavel had fallen on the auction block.

Now Fox investors have to think things over.

Cataline Sergius said...

Also the Murdoch sons say they prefer Disney because Iger promised them, this, that and the other.

Rupert's boys are the classic kids that were raised by their private schools. They are insecure and want titles and flattery. Disney as an organization is excellent at schmoozing.

Still it could just be a front to try and get a better deal from Fox but I don't think they have it in them.