Saturday, May 26, 2018

Soylo is Officially in Justice League Territory

Weekend estimate is now tracking at 105 million, which is easily the worst Star Wars opening.*

This is from Deadline:

While Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming in $15.5M shy of its low-end $130M forecast with an estimated 4-day figure of $114.5M, the overall holiday stretch is booming with an estimated $226.5M, +25% over last year’s $181.4M, not to mention it’s the best Memorial Day weekend since 2014 when X-Men: Days of Future Past ruled with $110.5M. Solo‘s Friday, including $14.1M previews, is landing at $36.5M.

Don't click on the link.  The rest of the story is bullshit justifications as to why it's augering in. Most of their explanations center around the controversy surrounding the change of directors, the reshoots and releasing it only six months after TLJ.  Stuff people in Hollywood care about.

It never once mentions fan rage over The Last Jedi.  Apparently this is now "the subject we do not discuss," in Tinsel Town.

Although the article did say that with reshoots factored in the production cost was probably around 300 million.  If that is the case and if second weekend fall off is in Justice League territory, then this one is actually going to be a money loser.  And given that Disney is still deeply in the red over the purchase of this property, it's a disaster.

Disney is supposedly building a Star Wars themed hotel but and this is the important part, they haven't pulled any of the construction permits they'd need to build it yet.  Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is currently being constructed, there is no backing out of that one and in truth no reason to, a new ride always makes money for the parks BUT it's clear that Disney now knows this is a damaged property.

Which once again brings us back to the question that everyone has been asking for months.  How does Kathleen Kennedy still have a job?


Darth Maul was in this?  Seriously?

*Original trilogy excepted.  Movies aren't distributed like that anymore.


Johnny said...

Over at Rotten Tomatoes the audience score for Solo is 56% like. The last Jedi was 46%

Quality special effects have become so common that by themselves they will not turn the studio a profit owing to production costs.

A lessor franchise would be gone already.

Andy said...

Darth Maul spent a whole season of Clone Wars building up a criminal empire and taking over Mandalore (only to be driven into hiding by Palpatine/Sidious beating his ass), so it does make sense in a back-asswards way for him to make an appearance. I know Obi-wan ends up killing him for real eventually, but I'm only halfway through the second season of Rebels.

What's less encouraging is that now they're going down the Halo route of requiring you to experience every single tie-in product to understand what's going on in the big projects that everyone sees (films for this, main series games for Halo). This is great for selling more crap to the super fans, but sucks for the casuals (who I'm sure were left shaking their heads and going "what the hell?" judging by the number of articles I've seen expressing said sentiment)

I was musing with a friend last night about what Disney could even do to win me back. Firing KK and putting Dave Filoni in charge of the movies would be enough to get me interested again. I think that the sequel trilogy is beyond saving at this point though, especially with Jar Jar Abrams in charge of Episode IX. Which I don't care about anyway.

Mr.MantraMan said...

I read somewhere that in China it barely made a blip.

Cataline Sergius said...


Not a surprise. The People of the Han just aren't into Star Wars. Not surprising really, the Hero's Journey doesn't really resonate with them so the first Trilogy had no allure, even if they had been allowed to see them, which I'm pretty sure they weren't.

Consequently, no rabid fanbase that is willing to overlook the bad because they loved the original trilogy so much.

Cataline Sergius said...


At this point there is no third trilogy. There is just going to be three movies where stuff happened to a group of poorly developed characters that nobody except Kathleen Kennedy liked.

The first trilogy had a central story, Luke Skywalker's journey into becoming a Jedi Knight.

The second trilogy's central story was the fall of Darth Vader. Now I don't think it was a good or effective story but it was a story.

If Rey had been beaten badly by Kylo Ren in the first movie then maybe something could have been built from that but KK wouldn't allow her Mary Sue to be beaten by any MAN.

Kathleen Kennedy was given stewardship of something she didn't like and decided to turn it into something she did like. Which is why she'd been bouncing around the globe acting like she created Star Wars. In her mind, she did.

owlish said...

The amusing thing is, I've got a Darth Maul tshirt I bought on sale after the prequel trilogy. I'd say it was a reminder no matter how good the makeup, special effects, and choreography are, characters matter. Now, it's more a Disney is out of ideas shirt.

bob kek mando - ( Creepy Joe Biden always asks for consent before changing your baby's diaper ) said...

Cataline Sergius said...
If Rey had been beaten badly by Kylo Ren in the first movie then maybe something could have been built from that but KK wouldn't allow her Mary Sue to be beaten by any MAN.

Luke fumbled around in Ep4, but he didn't really get his ass kicked until the end of Empire.

but other than that, yes, you're right.

Sim1776 said...

I think it's time for Darth Jar Jar...

At this point the franchise is f'd anyways.

Chris Lutz said...

Yeah you can't build films by having key plot points that are only known to the fan boys that devour the tie in material. People simply decide to it's not worth their time.

The people saying it's an okay film and not SJWy are missing the point. This is revenge of the fans.