Monday, April 2, 2018

Ready Player One is a Ripoff of a Danny Phantom Episode

Okay, I did see the episode of Danny Phantom in question, (*once again having a kid of the right age, I'm wondering if they are going to ripoff Tutenstien next*).  Although I did not and frankly have no intention of seeing Ready Player One.  I got ten pages into the book and said, fuck it.

If you want a really good RPG book read Nick Cole's; Ctrl. Alt. Revolt.

Regardless, I'm shocked as hell that I didn't put these pieces together but Rich at Redlettermedia did and he is absolutely right.

As in I am not at all shit posting here.  Rich is one hundred percent accurate. Ernest Cline totally ripped off a Danny Phantom from 2005.


Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

"I got ten pages into the book and said, fuck it."

I admire your fortitude because that's 8 pages further than I got. I was just saying over at Castalia House that I tried both of Cline's books and the 80's references just beat the reader to death. No desire to see the movie.

owlish said...

I eventually read it. I've seen some Danny Phantom, don't remember that particular episode. The absurd number of references in the book was fine, what bugged me was the world building. I can accept a future world in which things are bad enough that lower middle class people are crammed into trailers, and then stacked high. But hand waving it as because global warming reduced the amount of livable land? In the US?

Cataline Sergius said...


A bit of required liturgy without which the sermon cannot begin.

Not that it did Cline any good. The SJWs got mad because his hero
"won the girl, like she was some kind of prize."

If SJWs think your work will contain any Bad Think the first reflex is to avoid it and ask the Hivemind to attack it for them. The Hivemind has a lot on it's plate, so nine out of ten times you're safe enough.

However, if a number of them felt comfortable opening it in the first place because the author demonstrated Good Think in repeating SJW liturgy, then they feel comfortable proceeding with their read.

But then they will become extremely upset if the author accidentally drifts into heresy as Cline did with cishet outdated views about men wanting getting the girl of their dreams. Except now you have a collective bitchstorm which is much more likely to summon the Hivemind than a few individual prayers to their mindless god.

Jon Mollison said...

Unlovable people hate the idea that true finding love is a greater reward than all of Solomon's gold. They think a bicycle won a fish for a prize because they are deeply broken inside. Authors who try to appeal to such bitter old hags inevitably find themselves sacrificed on the altar of the SJW liturgy sooner than they think.

owlish said...

Yeah, anything can be safe today and badthink tomorrow. Completely unpredictable, which I think is part of the point. I really don't know how this doesn't end in some sort of violence.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Jon Mollison

While I do agree with you.

It should be remembered this was a Gamma Male romance, which normal women are going to find repellent as well.

Gamma Sue: You can see how clearly brilliant and right I always am. You know you should be with me because I deserve to have sex with you, correct?

Sally Love-Interest: Yes, I see that clearly now. You do deserve to have sex with me. I'll even do the creepy stuff because you deserve it so much.

Little Gator Farm said...

I always wondered who reads those Young adult novels. Even when I was 12-16 i was busy reading classics, new classics like Douglas Adams, Neil Gaimen, and Phillip K Dick, and even contemporary pop trash like Crichton, King, and Rowling.

I specifically remember being 13 and rolling my eyes as I'd walk past the young adult section. What teenager actually wants to be pandered to and spoken down to with that kind of literature? Is it for struggling students with comprehension disabilities? Is it adult authors trying to nail a demographic after failing at writing a decent novel, or is it stuff that was actually written by people in that young adult age range?

The whole concept perplexes me. I'm also perplexed by this nostalgia fetish that seems to be poisoning hollywood. I don't mind a clever pastiche, but "Ready Player One" Just looks so hamfisted. There's a delorean on the movie poster front and center. Member when movies weren't just about memberin' things?