Friday, April 13, 2018

Got That One Wrong

Got that one wrong.

Mueller's office is now leaking like a sieve.

Looks like Cohen was in Prague, just like the Steele Document claimed and which he emphatically denied.  Cohen has now clammed up and lawyered up which means he was there and worse was secretly there doing who knows damn what.   Apparently this Manhatten lawyer thought he was a master spy because he crossed in Czech Republic from Germany without getting his passport stamped. Fucking genius!

Politically this one is bad.  It won't matter why Cohen was in Prague, I still think the Russia thing is bullshit but Cohen has given that narrative the breath of life.  For eighteen months we have all derided the Steele document as a complete hoax but now one part of it will be verified.  Which means the left and the NeverTrumpers will be able to say with perfect conviction, well what else did it get right?

So no, Mueller is not trying to get fired.

In fact I'd say he has the most secure job in Washington.


Okay, something is about to happen shortly.  Mike Pence has been ordered back to Washington and the Press Corps has been told to the White House.


Jew613 said...

So it seems Pence was called back for Syria. Makes no sense, never get directly involved in someone else's civil war.

Cataline Sergius said...


Hey, it got Cohen off the headlines.

exfarmkid said...

Hey, it got Cohen off the headlines.

And so it did.

Just read the Mcclatchy article. It's just another batch of anonymous sources being paraded as headline news. Same shit, different day.

Jew613 said...

Cohen is still denying it so who knows. If he was truly caught out now would be the time to admit it.

Wynn Lloyd said...

A very dark moment. This is the kind of time that tests our faith.
Alex Jones is being hysterical. He should calm down for the sake of his platform. No matter what happens, his panicking is not wise. Sucks because millions will look to him for comfort.
Here's hoping for a win at the end of all of this.