Thursday, March 29, 2018

Something Horrifying Escaped Notice Earlier

Look for severe childhood disturbances associated with violence. Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic abuse. Billy hates his own identity, you see...
-Hannibal Lector, The Silence of the Lambs

When David "Camera" Hogg decided to change his story about where he was the day of the shooting.  There was something I missed because I was too busy jeering at the little shit stain for having been caught in yet another web of his own lies.

In his new version of the story.  He claimed he had been sitting in his AP Environmental Studies class.

Now Advanced Placement classes are nothing new.   They make sense.  Why have the smart kids muck around with the 101 course work in their freshmen year when they can get that out of the way in high school?  In theory you can show up at college with your first two years of study already out of the way.  Be done with college at twenty and get on with your life!*  

However twenty years ago, which was the last time I looked at this stuff, you would be taking serious courses like chemistry, biology, physics... In short useful and intellectually challenging things.

An AP in Environmental Studies?  Any course with the word studies in the title should set off big ringing alarm gongs in your head. 

"No David, you are waaaay to smart to bother with the 101 college bullshit propaganda courses.  So, we are going to start you on the Advanced Placement bullshit propaganda courses right now in high school!"

College doesn't ruin these kids.  

If this whole high school SJW drama club gun grabber fest has shown us anything it is the raw and unrefined faces of the SJWs when they are in their larval state.   They aren't born this way, they are made this way by the entire educational system.

*Nope couldn't do it. Could not keep a straight face.


Wynn Lloyd said...

For some reason I remember reading "environmental science" in his explanation. Maybe that's just because an AP "Environmental Studies" is just too inconceivable.

Mr.MantraMan said...

AP classes are a dodge the diversity at these schools

Cataline Sergius said...

@Wynn Lloyd

The Broward County Shooting has become a watershed event but not in the way the Left intended.

We have suddenly been treated to an extensive look at what modern rich kid public schooling is like.

These are the kids that their school system is most proud of, these are the ones they want their educational system to produce.

Mr. Bee said...

Hogg is a prop. He exists politically ONLY because of the Democrat news media. The second his usefulness is gone (Dem majority) he'll be gone.

= Cindy Sheehan

Wynn Lloyd said...

That's a sobering thought. True, though.
These kids will have to go head to head with their Chinese counterparts, who are taught to be as resourceful and ruthless as possible.