Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Solo: A Failure's Story..The First Pass

We are getting close to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Star Wars.  The biography of a man who we all thought was cool when when we were in grade school...and then we found out the truth about him a few years later.

A thief, a conman, a murder (albeit pretty justified), a failed husband and pretty obviously a shitty Dad.  He had it all for a brief time and then pissed it all away and was finally stabbed through the heart by his only child.

Yeah, I want to find out all about what a bright and shining future he once had as a young man!

The civil war as to who is blame for this disaster is already well underway.

KK is striking first and striking hard via an "anonymous actor" who was on both the first shoot with the original and actually talented directors and the second shoot with that freaking hack Opie,

Guess which one he thought was better?  It's from Vulture so, fuck no they don't get a click from me.

To hear our source tell it, the main difference between the co-directors’ filmmaking style and Howard’s boiled down to efficiency. Where Lord and Miller would typically demand more than 30 takes of a given scene — seemingly unsure of what they wanted other than a delivery “different” from the last — Howard got the job done in no more than two or three takes. “Phil and Chris are good directors, but they weren’t prepared for Star Wars,” says our source. “After the 25th take, the actors are looking at each other like, ‘This is getting weird.’ [Lord and Miller] seemed a bit out of control. They definitely felt the pressure; with one of these movies, there are so many people on top of you all the time. The first assistant director was really experienced and had to step in to help them direct a lot of scenes.”


And (Howard) impressed the beleaguered Solo production by working “really fast.” “When he came on, he took control and you could feel it,” the actor says. “He got respect immediately. He’s really confident. A really easy guy to work with.”
“It’s exactly the same script. They’re filming exactly the same things. There’s nothing new,” says the actor, adding: “[Lord and Miller] used whole sets. But Ron is just using parts from those sets. I guess they’re not shooting wide angle. Maybe to save money.”

This propagantastic bullshit is up there with Saturday's March for Gun Confiscation.

The editorial reply comes courtesy of Filmgoblin who does rate the click.   Here is what is actually public knowlege about Solo.

-The original directors had a fractious relationship with Kathleen Kennedy, the producer who now acts as though she invented Star Wars.

-Disagreements between the original directors and Lawrence Kasdan, the script writer.

-Claims of a lack of variation in camera placements, which limited editing options.

-Claims the directors’ style did not suit many of the crew with potential firings as a result of crew standing around doing nothing.

-The original editor was fired.

-Late in production, an acting coach was brought on to help the lead, Alden Ehrenreich, whose performance was being likened to Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

-The original directors were dismissed in favour of Ron Howard.

-Claims Ron Howard reshot much of what was already shot ( some say up to 80%) in contrast to earlier claims that much of Lord and Miller’s work was usable.

-Sky rocketing budget due to reshoots, with some reports estimating a doubling in the budget.

-Rumours that the movie is already being written off as a failure.

-The Disney behemoth’s apparent boardroom approach to creativity and the feeling they are running interference on the real story, which makes them look like North Korea.

-Finally, potential misinformation now being spread about the reasons behind the dismissal of the original directors and fulminating discontent from Lord and Miller .

I really can't tell you what was going on. I wasn't on the set.  But when you have to reshoot 90 percent of a flick the question has to be asked, "if there were such clear and obvious problem, why wasn't ANYTHING caught in the dailies?"

The answer is, the same reason nothing bad was caught in the dailies for the Last Jedi.  Kathleen Kennedy really can't tell good from garbage.  


Mr. Bee said...

Disney will sometimes try to balance things out a bit since it helps the bottom line. They've been Princess centric in their animated offerings and cable shows, but Pixar and Marvel has been mainly for the boys (with subsequent feminist bitching). So given Disney Star Wars has the force being female, I suspect SOLO was meant as a boy friendly counter. I also suspect KK's heart isn't in it so the result will be interesting and informative.

Bradford Walker said...

The tell will be where Emilia Clarke's character is in the story, and how she comes off vs. Solo.

I expect another Rey murdering Luke.

Chris Lutz said...

Mr. Bee, since being purchased by Disney, Pixar has been slowly sliding into the SJW camp. Marvel is sliding the same way. Disney is female centered. They know and I don't think they can escape it.

As someone I recently listened to pointed out, every new Disney SW film has been centered on a British, female, brunette character. Solo is going to be the same way. She'll be the brains of the group and Solo will be there as a punching bag.

I disagree about Howard being a hack. It's a competent director. You aren't going to get anything artistic from him. But he'll do a good job for you.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

Opie a hack? I would have classed him as "workman-like". Cocoon was a good movie and Willow, in spite of its flaws, is still one of my favorites.

Mr. Bee said...

@Lutz: You are correct that Pixar has been sliding to the female recently. Unfortunately, the left owned media in toto has done the same thing. The Eisner/Iger era of Disney is marked by profiting off the girl (princess/fairies) market while wondering why boys don't buy their product. That was solved by Purchasing the Marvel franchise but the "sell by" time on that is rapidly approaching. So turning SWs into a girl centric property is going to be problematic for them, profit wise. Iger has already whined about his corporate income going from $50mill/yr to $30mill/yr so look for some possible corrections. Personally, I hope Solo falls on it's butt and boys abandon the franchise.

Chris Lutz said...

I think they tried to bring in more boys with their Disney CD channel. It always seemed pretty lame.

Jon Mollison said...

The whole point of the Mouse purchase of Star Wars and Marvel was to bring more boys into the fold. A fine strategy, but they didn't commit to the bit.