Friday, March 2, 2018

Guns and Trump

We have all been pretty disturbed by President Trump's recent actions on Gun Control.

It feels like we're getting rolled here.  Mostly because we are.

When Parkland happened, two things took place.  One, the pro-gun side shrugged and said that's a shame but we have gotten used to this and it's so sad I don't really want to think about it so we'll just ride this one out same as usual.

Two, Soros and the Deep State were ready this time.  Parkland took place in deep blue Broward County.  They had no trouble getting everything up and running quickly.  The Gun Grabbers weren't just counting on twitter rage this time.  They already had boots on the ground starting with the functionally incompetent but politically adept Sheriff Israel.  The superintendent had ties to the Obama administration. David Hogg is famously the son of Special Agent Hogg.

Inertia is vitally important in politics.  It can't be overstated.  It wasn't just Mrs Reverend Lovejoy wailing, "won't someone please think of the children!"  It was Lisa Simpson wailing, "won't someone please think of us!" As well.  It got the ball rolling and with the progantastic CNN no longer giving the slightest of fucks about having a reputation for impartiality, Soros, Bloomberg and company had the cart as well as the horse and they were whipping that nag to death.

Almost overnight, they had a movement rolling with the strength and momentum of a mighty avalanche.

So what the hell is going on with Trump?

Three things.

One.  The Cuckservatives sold us out on guns, big time. 

We took their support for granted and that was flat, fucking stupid. 

That was our bad.

The Cuckservatives  believed in neither Guns nor Jesus but they were only too happy to say those things in order to get our votes.  Their public approval of Jesus wasn't a problem since they had created a new and highly adjustable prophet named, Judeo-Christ.

Guns on the other hand were definitely a problem.  We, the base demanded concrete results and we weren't willing to listen to reason.  Hold the line or we throw you on the garbage heap of history.  So they held the line... Much to their embarrassment at their friends cocktail parties.  It was the thing that wasn't discussed and their friends kinda sorta understood. They have crazies too after all.

And then we threw the Cucks on the garbage dump anyway.

How dare those peasants!  We'll show them!

They were never a part of gun culture and now they were free to divorce themselves from even the most tangential contact with it.

But the big thing is this.  They have always been SEEN as being the biggest supporters of Second Amendment.  When they switched sides it looked like walls of Troy had collapsed.

It added to the general sense of inertia being completely on the Gun Grabbers side of things and Trump noticed, which leads us to...

Two. Trump has a nose for popular culture that no other member of the GOP does.  The man knows how to ride the crest of a wave.  And the wave was anti-gun but that was mostly because we didn't push back hard enough at first.

Thanks to the Cucks selling us out it looked like the entire pro-gun culture was collapsing. Trump is best Rightwing president since Teddy Roosevelt but he is not a product of our culture.  I think he genuinely likes us but he really ain't one of us.  He really doesn't have an instinctive feel for what we feel.


Three.  The Von Moltke matrix.

For those not in know.  Field Marshall Von Moltke was the most successful general of the 19th century and I would include Napoleon in that assessment. 

His campaigns against the Austro-Hungarian empire and France are the basis for Third Generation Warfare today.  

So what does he have to do with President Trump? You ask.

Von Moltke had a very simple matrix for assessing officers.  The Clever-Stupid/Lazy-Industrious matrix.

Now if you ask an SJW they would immediately peg Trump as Stupid because all Republicans are automatically stupid so far they are concerned.  If they weren't, why would they be Republicans in the first place? QED.  They would however grudgingly grant that the man is also energetic.  Stupid and Industrious will always lead you to disaster.

But we know that he isn't Stupid just as we also know that a "failed billionaire" is a contradiction in terms or everyone would be one.

So Trump is clearly Clever and Energetic.  While we have been raised to believe this is something everyone should aspire to be, it's not actually what you want in a president.

Ronald Reagan was the classic example of Clever/Lazy.  Bush may have been in office when the Berlin Wall fell but everyone knows that Reagan won the Cold War.  Don't believe me? Ask anyone in Eastern Europe.  Reagan was clever but notoriously lazy.  When informed that his national security briefing would be at seven AM, he replied, "get used to nine o'clock."  But his strategy won the Cold War. 

Trump can do strategy but his mindset is simply better suited to tactical victories. The man is fundamentally incapable of not getting stuff done, and he has not been getting stuff done and it's driving him crazy.  He's reaching across the aisle because his own side can't give him a win. So he is willing to take a tactical success at the price of strategic failure.

I could easily be wrong.

I am hoping I am.


Wormwood said...

Right, wrong, it doesn't matter. He's the only game in town. What he eventually does will only have an effect on enthusiasm, or in other words, elections. We'll all still cheer him for what he does right, even if he signs gun confiscation legislation. The only difference is there won't be a GOP after 2018 if he does.

Ominous Cowherd said...

The scary thing right now is that Trump is talking to the NRA. Has there ever been a gun control proposal the NRA wasn't eager to cuck and compromise on? They'll tell Trump he can give the Left an inch with no consequences, because they will support a reasonable compromise. A little smidgen of gun control would juice their fundraising like nothing else.

Rebel Skate said...

Its nice to finally find the original source of that matrix. The only other time I've seen it was in Col David Hackworth's book, About Face.
I'm more optimistic than you in that I think Trump is willing to engage in the gun debate this way to A.) goad the Dems into making this their message for 2018 B.) piss off the base enough to get us energized so we will actually show at the polls.
This also serves to expose the fake right before the primaries.
It is eerily similar to what he did with DACA.