Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gun Grabber Round Up 3/25/18

In every possible way.
You. Stupid. Bitch

Yesterday's propagantastic march for Gun Control was a turning point.  It demonstrated clearly that today's rich kids now have much lower IQs than their Boomer grandparents.

These idiotic Mercedes-Marxists completely dropped the mask.  Hell, they didn't even seem to know there was a mask to found.  They are openly advocating confiscatory gun control and bragged that if you "give us the bump-stock inch, we will take a mile."

The media have come to the clear and obvious conclusion the David "Pig-Boy" Hogg is proving to be a ghastly public face of any movement.  The year isn't three months old and he already has a lock on Most Obnoxious Man-Child on Earth, his nearly homoerotic love affair with himself is reaching it's natural endstate.  The boy is fucking himself out of the limelight.

So the media has decided they have to promote a new champion, one Emma Gonzalez. She comes equipped with proper intersectional accreditation and a mental illness hair cut.

Seriously, what is it with girls named, Emma?
How did they all turn into Communists?

Her "powerful and moving" speech was maintaining silence of six minutes and twenty seconds.  Which I freely admit, makes her a drastically better speaker than Pig-Boy, who was demanding that Democrat candidates commit electoral suicide so he can feel even more pleased with himself than usual.  After this last budget fiasco the Republicans are suddenly realizing that the opposition running on a pro-gun control ticket is  their only realistic hope of survival.

The media remain convinced that if they believe hard enough and Helen Lovejoy long enough, we will all throw our weapons away declare our love of Big Brother...which definitely included Facebook yesterday.  If someone...anyone posted coverage of the March for Gun Control on any thread or group, it stayed there because there was no way to get it off your feed. Hide the post was disabled. Hide the Originator was disabled. Hide the Thread was disabled. Report to the admin was disabled. In short if someone posted it the only way to get it off your feed was to log off of Facebook.  Which I admit I'm always happy to do but for some it's a struggle.

All said and done, my opinion has not changed.  This whole thing reeks to high heaven of George Soros.  Except they have made the huge mistake of keeping kids that weren't anywhere near ready for prime-time in the spotlight for too long.  We are getting to know them a little too well.


exfarmkid said...

"IS freedom more important than safety?"

" In every possible way. You. Stupid. Bitch."

Damn fine response, Sir.

Jew613 said...

Is the Left not have any cute girls or handsome men to use as their spokesman? They all look gay or straight from the loony bin.

Mr. Bee said...

You don't need Soros to explain it. Trump beat the pants off of Hillary and stood a good chance of maintaining control of the House and Senate (until he decided to go all Paul Ryan, anyway). The economy is booming, Trump's popularity was climbing and there's a decent chance the idiot electorate will realize that the Dems were implementing a slow motion coup de tat. So the Dems got nothing. Until the convenient shoot up of a school in a very Democratic and Jewish community. NOW they have their big issue at last and are hitting it with every paid government deep state worker in Washington DC, because that's all they got. Now anyway.

Jew613 said...

Turns out Hogg was lying about being a survivor of the school shooting. He was home when it happened.
CBS News reveals David Hogg Home During Mass Shooting