Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Emma Watson...Feminist Spelling

Few things are dumber than tatting yourself out with what is basically a Twitter Hashtag.  

Two years from now nobody is going to even remember what the Time's Up movement was and anybody with that tattoo is either going to be explaining what it means for the rest of her life or get an even more disfiguring sleeve tat to cover it up.

But there actually is something that is dumber and that is having that ink misspelled in the first place.  That's not only dumb but when the recipient prides herself on being smarter than  the peasants it's fucking hilarious. 

Watson had said that after Beauty and the Beast she was going to be concentrating on her feminism.   Making herself less attractive with lots of disfiguring ink is a good and solid start.

(*Cataline gives a long tired*)

I know, I need to be brutal towards these people and no feminist would think twice about ruining my life if they get even a sliver of a chance but yet I can't help but feel sorry for this kid.

Wild speculation  after the repost


This photo was from the Telegraph  and I found it to be incredibly sad.  

On the left is a girl of seventeen who has been hurt by feminism's demands on her, on the right is the same girl ten years later and from the look in her eyes she has clearly embraced the pain it causes her.

It was the start of an article on  her life in pictures.

Here she as at the start of her journey as Rowling's Mary-Sue

Here she is thinking boys are gross and immature
This is called being normal

And here is Watson threatening a boy for the first time 
IT begins in earnest.

Now she is disappointing her fans by not hooking up with Harry.
Emma has lost whatever she could have been in and of herself at this point.  She will always be Hermione Granger...teenage feminist icon

WHAM, break down.  
Happy well adjusted normal girls do not give themselves a desexing crew cut.
This was professionally shot and take a good long look at how broken her eyes still managed to look

A few years later and she is exploring bestiality

It won't end well for her.  Sure she has money but so do I these days and let me assure you the only thing that gets you is different problems. As much as we rag on Emma Watson and rightfully so.  We should never forget she didn't create herself.  There was once a little girl who was bright if not exceptionally pretty, who could have had a life of her own...and didn't get a chance to.


Wild and unsubstantiated speculation below.

I started feel a little sorry for Watson recently after I saw this photo

Look at her.  There is no calling the look on her face anything other than fear. 

Desexing yourself with that kind of a haircut is a very common response for a rape victim.  And believe it or not it's quite effective.  The percentage of rape victims with a pixie cut are damn near zero. 

 Now I don't think that she actually had that kind of a run-in with Harvey Weinstein.  She would have said something by now. 

And claiming to have been raped is a pretty common thing with feminists.   Been that way for years. At this point it's become an actual status symbol.  Enough so that when a hardcore feminist claims to have been raped, my instinctive response is, "yeah, sure" (*eye roll*).

But in Watson's case if she made that claim, I'd take it at face value.


Duke Norfolk said...

Yes. The ruination of our womanfolk has been epic. The work of the Devil indeed. Just tragic.

bob kek mando - ( I love the smell of Autism on the internet. It smells like ... victoREEEEEEEEE ) said...

testing to see if i'm still getting deleted.

Cataline Sergius said...

Were getting deleted?

More importantly, did I say I was deleting you?

Wormwood said...

anybody with that tattoo is either going to be explaining what it means for the rest of her life or get an even more disfiguring sleeve tat to cover it up.

Nope, there is a reason why it's in black.

owlish said...

Not that it really changes anything, but that's supposedly a temporary tattoo.