Monday, March 5, 2018

Country Music Converged!

If you thought anything was intrinsically safe you have not been paying attention.

Nope SJWism has come to Country Music.  They must be dug in good and deep because they felt free to attack Mike Huckabee, the NRA and traditional family values.

Country Music executives Jason Owen and Whitney Pastorek led a push to oust former Gov. Mike Huckabee from the Country Music Association Foundation board of directors, citing his support for the National Rifle Association and his views on LGBT issues. Huckabee, now a TV host, was out within a day of his appointment to the board.

Owen, whose agency manages artists including Faith Hill, Kacey Musgraves, and Midland, railed against Huckabee’s support for the NRA in a letter of opposition, calling his association with the pro-gun group “harmful and damaging,” and declaring, “I will not participate in any organization that elevates people like this to positions that amplify their sick voices.”

Owen also criticized Huckabee’s views on gay marriage and other LGBT issues, making it clear he was personally insulted by the “grossly offensive” appointment. He and his husband are fathers to one boy and are expecting twins. Owen said his companies and clients would withdraw all support from the CMA Foundation if Huckabee was not removed.

The CMA Foundation is a nonprofit that supports music education programs nationwide. Huckabee was appointed to the board based on his prior experience with education reform in Arkansas. He has also lobbied with the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation for music education programs and backed funding the National Endowment for the Arts based on programs that assist kids in poverty to learn a musical instrument.

Pastorek, a CMA member best known as the manager for Sugarland’s Kristian Bush, also cited Huckabee’s pro-gun views in a broadside against him. After nothing his background in education, she concluded: “I find his choice to spend the past ten years profiting off messages of exclusion and hatred (not to mention the gun lobby) to be disqualifying.”

As with Owen, Pastorek’s opposition is not shocking. A former journalist from Los Angeles, Pastorek — in addition to her day job — is the Democratic Party social media strategist in Davidson County, TN (encompassing Nashville). Until March 1, she was a candidate for a state house seat; her announcement asked people to donate to Planned Parenthood Action and the ACLU instead of her campaign.

This is how they operate. They ask only for tolerance of their views...until there are enough of them.


Heterodox said...

The SJW tendency to burrow into places where you wouldn't expect presents a thorny problem. I think the only solution is to get people on the right very organized when it comes to boycotting products and begin making examples of people and companies that want to play politics.

The problem with entertainment is that it's harder to ask people to not support an act that they really like. A lot of people who are natural fans will tell you where to stick it. That being said, if you can get it done acts won't want to sign with the label and the label dies.

Jew613 said...

This is not nearly as shocking as it should be. While country music still leans strongly to the right the industy has been pushing SJWs and leftist artists for some time. The Dixie chicks back during dubya's presidency most famously, or Maren Morris now. Both talented, but also pushed hard probably because of their politics.

Duke Norfolk said...

Yes, the rot is everywhere. Of course this is the formulaic pop country scene we're talking here. It has progressively (hah, nice pun) gotten more and more corporate, and less and less creative and interesting. It's also the biggest and most popular, and therefore, influential; unfortunately.

I'd like to think there's a movement, at the fringes, away from this and into a more traditional scene. I'm no aficionado but I've noticed some on YouTube that are interesting. Not sure of their politics in many cases, but I suspect they're much more likely to support things like the NRA.

Rigel Kent said...

Country music is barely that anymore. It's pop with a slight (very slight) twang.

Cataline Sergius said...

I hadn't known about Maren Morris. I checked her twitter feed.


My wife is making excuses for her but the truth is Lady Cataline would not have been saying that crap at her age.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Duke of Norfolk

Nashville ain't Nashville anymore. SJWs are the new Urban Blight.

Jew613 said...

Maren Morris is early stage sjw infestation when talent is still important with a sprinkling of flaming leftist politics. If the situation isn't corrected there will be ever more politics and less talent.

What ripped me off about Karen Morris was her video for I could use a love song. It's basically the feminist ideas of leaving a good man to chase dreams and ride the carousel.

Duke Norfolk said...

Here's one that I've found and enjoyed:

Annie Moses Band

Good old traditional music. Love the violin. And the bluegrass, which is just part of their repertoire. The occasional Christian influence is a good sign.

Obviously it's a matter of taste. And I don't honestly know their politics, and haven't tried to discover it. But the music is very trad, folk, etc. The occasional Christian influence is a good sign.