Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bill Kristol Edjumacates Us On the Alamo


On this day, 182 years ago, the Alamo fell. We #NeverTrumpers honor those brave American free spirits who stood up against the authoritarians and nativists of their day.

First of all you will note that Soooper Conservative Bill Kristol still has his Blue Checkmark.

Second, he clearly doesn't have the slightest blithering idea what the Battle of the Alamo was about.

That the defenders of the Alamo were anti-authoritarian I will freely grant.  Although I have to say as a former career Marine I did more to actively combat authoritarianism than any Blue Check Mark Republican.  Certainly way damn more than ✔@BillKristol.

But claiming the defenders of the Alamo weren't Nativists is cosmically ignorant or just flat out lie.  Could be either one with Krisol.

A big chunk of those Alamo defenders had Hispanic names and were deadly emphatic about not being Mexicans.  They called themselves Tejanos as in natives of Texas and they viewed the Santa Ana as an invader.  The men with the European names were already referring to themselves as Texans. If you think Texans aren't nativist, you are not a native of this freaking planet.

And not to state the fucking obvious here but if Sam Houston was given a choice of who to party with Bill Kristol or Donald Trump, I have a pretty good idea who the first president of Texas would choose to hang with.

Pictured: The kind of Texas establishment that
President Houston would have proudly shown to President Trump.

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exfarmkid said...

So Kristol managed to go this long and keep his mental retardation hidden. Not a bad feat when you think about it.

Those of us arguing against invading Iraq back in 2002-3 were called "unpatriotic" and "unAmerican" by jackasses like Kristol.

I hope they enjoy their lives back with the democrats. If the dems are stupid enough to take them back.