Sunday, February 25, 2018

Question for my Loyal Readers

And disloyal ones come to that.
How many Mass Shooters have held concealed weapon's licence?

If you can think of any, leave the name in the comments below


Okay, my idea for an article is now scrapped.

The Violence Policy Center has documented 29 mass shootings of three or more people since 2007 where the perpetrator was himself a concealed carry permit holder.
The definition of Mass Shooter is officially pointless as they are including any discharge of a firearm, probably including legitimate self-defense if the number of shootees is as low as three.

Clearly these numbers have already been so tortured they have confess to everything.


Wynn Lloyd said...

Didn't the Fort Hood guy have a permit? I may be wrong there, though.

sysadmn said...

29, according to the WaPo, quoting the antigun site VPC:


sysadmn said...

Nice rebuttal from Breitbart:
WaPo: Gun Lobby Doesn’t Mention .0002266% of Concealed Permit Holders Accused of ‘Mass Shootings’