Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On Bump Stocks

I am assuming that the President is hoping this regulation will take the wind out of their sails and that they will jump into Victory Parade mode.

After all they haven't had a win on Gun Control since the Ban went into effect.  And SJWs love nothing more than to spike the ball on the twenty yard line and do their happy dance.

In and of itself the bumbstock is actually a fairly stupid device that is only useful for legally turning ammo into noise.  I personally wouldn't touch one with a barge pole but that isn't the point.

The point was denying them any kind of a win, EVER.

Sorry, but I can't end this post on a up note because even the loss of an inch is still a loss when you have no plan to take back that inch.


Johnny said...

We already have laws related to machine guns, and bump stocks should be in that category. Whatever laws are currently in place that go with converting a regular gun into a machine gun (often easy to do for a semi-auto) should be applied to bump stocks. And whatever laws are currently in place that apply to selling machine gun parts should apply also to bump stocks.

Hey, why complicate law by putting bump stocks off into a separate category?

Mr. Bee said...

The Vegas shooter used a bump stock to put more rounds into a mass of closely packed people in the shortest possible time. I was pleasantly surprised that Trump didn't ban it then. The bump stock is a useless POS to actual gun owners but it's now served it's purpose as a meaningless "gimmee" to the hoplophobes. Now move on to greater control of psychotropic drugs and fewer mentally ill people walking the streets.