Saturday, February 24, 2018

Joss Whedon Fired

Okay, this warms the cockles of the my stone cold heart.

Super SJW Joss Whedon has been shit canned off of the Bargirl movie he himself started.  He says he couldn't find a story.

Translation: DC woke up to the fact that Whedon is a nitch writer.  After bouncing several Buffy themed stories off them, Warner Brothers bounced him.

I can almost but not quite feel some sympathy for him.  He was given the keys to the Avengers and it made billions.  But it was always going make billions.  Marvel fan's were demanding that, that film be made.  It gave everyone an inflated idea about the man's abilities as a writer and director, which has always mostly been, banter followed by standard explosions.  Nothing at all innovative.  He was never going to be able to do a Nolan and take a superhero movie to the next level.  Popcorn burner with some banter is all he can do.

I am honestly delighted that Whedon is off the Batgirl project and not just for simple sadism but because I know without question he would have absolutely ruined the character.

From John C. Wright.

She is not rich, not an orphan, and has to do everything on her own, without a butler or a batcomputer or a boy sidekick, and without the physical strength to go toe to toe with Killer Croc or Bane. She has to rely on her wits and her raw courage. She is Nancy Drew ninja-babe in a Halloween costume, and the original sexy librarian.

In my estimation, she is the bravest person in the Justice League: she has no superpowers (aside from a perfect memory) and she’s shorter and slighter than the average thug. She would be overmatched by a purse snatcher and nonetheless faces terrible foes, aliens and robots and mutants and whatnot unafraid and uncomplaining.

Yeah. Whedon can't work with something like that.  Feminists know absolutely nothing about women.

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