Monday, February 26, 2018

Gun Grabber Round Up: Weekend Edition

I'll be putting stuff up here as it emerges.  Probably not a lot given it's the weekend but who knows?

The Black List

Allied Van Lines/North American Van Lines
Avis and Budget
Avis Car Rental
Best Western
Chubb Insurance
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
First National Bank of Omaha
National Rent a Car
Paramount Rx
Starkey Hearing Technologies
United Airlines

If you've been paying attention, most of these companies were already on your never fucking again list.  I am slightly annoyed about Enterprise as I used to use that company when I was visiting Orlando.

The incompetence of First National of Omaha is almost but not really surprising.  Back when I lived there thirty years ago they had earned a reputation as being too big to care.  Now in deeply Red Nebraska they will have a rep for actually holding their customers deeply in contempt. 


Trump's luck is pretty amazing. The entire media sets up a week-long hatefest aimed at the NRA, culminating in that shameful fake "Town Hall," and then the very next day it comes out that there was a police officer there who was too cowardly to do anything, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who was shaming and lecturing gun owners the night before, must have known it while he was up there on stage.
Trump's superpower is his ability, just by existing, to bring out the deep and pervasive rot in America's institutions and the people who run them.

-- Glen Reynolds


Not really news to anybody who has been paying attention.

The media loves them a good mass shooting.

The NRA, despite what the Left claims is a pretty center of the road organization but at this point they have nothing to lose by taking the gloves off.


I'm going to faint with shock.  This is just so totally unexpected.

From Vox Popoli

The Parkland students/crisis actors speaking out for gun control are actors. Literal actors, as in, members of the school's TV and drama clubs.

No wonder the MSM shit itself when they first heard the term "crisis actor".

Mind you, at this point they are trying to pretend that we're claiming these kids are being paid.  Strawmen are the easiest to defeat after all.  While I am strongly of the opinion that these kids have been fed scripts, no I don't think they were paid.  They didn't need to be paid to do something they desperately wanted to do.

Honestly whoever organized these kids overplayed their hand here.


I called it!

There was man  with a gun there and the gun didn't do anything!

At this point I am wondering if there is a single good guy in the entire Broward  County Sheriff's Department.


Quick question: How many mass shooters are NRA members?

Yeah, yeah. Of course you got that one. You already were already smarter and better informed than anyone who watches CNN.  Don't break your arm patting yourself of the back.

The thing is Dana Loesch should have freaking known better than to appear as the star attraction on CNN's Circus of Cruelty (AKA their townhall meeting).  As everyone on the hard Right knows, CNN is now proudly and openly an  SJW propaganda organ.

The days when Andrew Brietbart would step into the lion's den and face the lion down are over.  They've read Alinsky too and they have now worked up a set of counter tactics that will be deployed.  The tame townhall is very much one of these tactics.  It's not just one Right winger arguing with a newsactor and "refusing to accept their paradigm."  The Right winger is now having to face down an entire hostile mob.

Anyway, here she is complaining about the dumb shit she did.

Dana Loesch described on The Federalist Radio Hour podcast what happened behind the scenes of Wednesday’s CNN’s televised town hall event titled, “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.” Loesch, representing the National Rifle Association as their national spokesperson, said she wasn’t informed until hours before of the event’s format or that students would be asking questions.

“I had nothing in advance. I didn’t know how the setup was going to be. I didn’t know it was going to be in a giant arena where it was 360 all the way around. I had no clue,” she said. “But I wanted to go and represent the people that I was representing, and also because I’m a parent too…I have kids and my oldest child is just a couple of years younger than these students.”

The audience had already filled the arena and the event had started two hours before the cameras were even turned on, Loesch said.

They had music that was playing. They had montages that they were flashing across the screen. They had a number of speakers from the school and from the community. They had the sheriff go up and speak. He mentioned special interest groups, referring to the membership of the NRA.

Then they brought the politicians out…and that was the first hour. After all of this was already happening, after emotions were already running high, and after CNN put everyone together and cranked up, really trying to wind people up even more.

I had no questions in advance. It was even weird the way they had us walk out because it was like entering like you were a boxer or like WWE. You were walking up to the stage and they had music playing. You had to walk in aisles with all these people screaming and you had to walk toward the stage. That’s how you entered.

As Loesch and her security detail walked toward the stage, audience members shouted at her phrases like, “murderer,” “child killer,” and “burn her.” Jake Tapper, CNN’s chief washington correspondent and anchor of “The Lead,” was the event moderator.

“I know Jake, and it might strike a nerve, me saying this, but I think he lost control,” Loesch said.

Oh for fuck's sake! Look idiot Cucks, Jake Tapper is not your friend. He is nothing close to your friend. He hates you and will be cheering as you get loaded into the cattle cars if his side ever gets the chance.

Your erotic Cuck fantasies about the guys leave the rest of us with our skin just crawling.

Bottomline: if CNN is putting on an event, it's an ambush.  Stop cooperating with  the guys that are setting up the ambush for you.


The Second Amendment is more important than the First.


I had speculated in my article, "So You Just Killed A Man" that Alexa might be a gamer changer.  That you could use that instead of a cell phone in an emergency.

And the answer is NO.  It doesn't work like that... Not yet anyway

Recently, a New Mexico sheriff thanked Amazon's connected Echo speaker for getting his staff to the scene of the crime and ending a domestic violence incident. Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III said the victim screamed "Alexa, call 911."  
The sheriff's department may have heard that cry, but Amazon says Alexa would not have responded. The Amazon Echo connected speaker isn't set up to make emergency phone calls due to regulatory rules that insist that devices must have the ability to receive incoming calls. 
So for now, you are still stuck with the cellphone.


kennymac said...

Dana Loesch is a fame whore. No way is she going to turn down a chance to be on camera.

Cataline Sergius said...


And also one that is past her prime at this point.

Man of the Atom said...

Chrissy Chinchilla thinks that one guy with gun loitering outside a building with an active shooter inside means 'guns aren't the answer'.

This is how we know Chrissy is a miserably weak, thoroughly corrupt, Fake News liar.

Cataline Sergius said...

Chinchilla is an open propagandist.

That fat tub of shit at least has that going for him.

Johnny said...

What seems apparent is that they got to some of these kids who were willing participants, and given their youth were not up to the role. Gave it away in a variety of ways.

A pistol would not put you at a big disadvantage in confined spaces. They aim quicker.

Cataline Sergius said...

More tactically sound for working corners to be certain.