Thursday, February 1, 2018

Deep State Gate...Twas the Night Before Memo Drop

I cannot remember seeing the corridors of power shaken like this since I was a child.

The level of panic this thing is creating on the Left is unbelievable.  Honestly at this point I think I'm going to disappointed by the memo.  I mean how can it live up to my expectations?  It just can't.

That is assuming I get to see it tomorrow or Monday, which may not be a good bet.  Remember the Democrats have one last card to play.  Our utterly politicized court system.  I strongly suspect than even as I type this they are frantically Forum Shopping in the not at all vein hopes of finding a sympathetic judge.

Pelosi and Schiff are both demanding that Nunes step down as chairman.  CNN and the Cucks spent all day pushing a story about how Chirstopher Wray was going to resign in protest as Director of the FBI if the memo was released.  Wray finally found time to tell NBC News that that was bullshit.

Given how strong the political opposition is, to what is really just an corruption case, my assumption at this point is that whatever is in that memo is enough to sink the Mueller probe.

The Democrats drastically over committed themselves to Russia Collusion fantasy, something which they knew at the time to be bullshit.  They are now faced with what should have been an obvious problem from the start.

How do you walk yourself back from the Big Lie that fails?


Wynn Lloyd said...

The memo needs to be released ASAP! The suspense is intense at this point. It will be all the more satisfying when the hammer drops.

Lovekraft said...

The past year has seen the fruits of social media proliferation, political correctness dumbing down the population, and general public exhaustion from the onslaught of political events expressed in a bizarre, intangible inertia. As though everyone is awaiting some great cataclysmic event that will either reset or collapse.

Although it could be argued it goes far back in origin, Cultural Marxism has planted these seeds decades ago and have reached their peak. The next step will be where the astute and patient and determined prevail over the demagogues and deranged.