Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Big Brother Finally Has A Name

And it's Benjamin.

“In another example, Google imagines a hypothetical child called Benjamin. Google’s cameras would be watching Benjamin at all times, carefully. They could see if he’s playing outside or using electronics, presumably they’d also try to use that information to sell him things, at some point, because that’s the whole point of Google.”

“The same patent also discusses how the smart home could coach families on ‘areas of improvement.’ For example, if a family doesn’t spend enough time together, eating together, in Google’s estimation, Google might scold them and suggest that they set a goal of eating more often together. That is Google’s description, not ours.”

Yeah I really want HAL acting as my family's life coach.

What is both hilarious and bizarre is that they honestly think this is a real selling point. 

And the scary thing is, maybe it is.  

The kind of people who are going to enthusiastically buy this are the same ones that seem absolutely stunned and horrified that I was allowed to legally buy ten acres of land and just do whatever I want with it, without getting fifteen permits and paying fifty thousand in permit and inspections fees.  I have also been chastised over the fact that a wood burning fireplace is legal in Michigan.

Smug SJW: You realize that many states now ban wood burning fireplaces, don't you?

Cataline: Yeah but I don't live in one those shitholes. 


Jew613 said...

Why would there be a ban on wood burning fireplaces? I dont see any benefit and it puts a burden on people living deep in the country where other fuel sources are scarce or expensive to get.

Mr.MantraMan said...

I enjoyed your book. Since you are the recruiting expert I know, is there tough times on the press gang trail? SNAFU seems to think so, says his talk to the recruiters he knows is that they all want to bail back to the fleet.

Cataline Sergius said...


There is no intelligent benefit to banning wood burning fireplaces.

But there is a scientific one...If you define science as a feeling of smug superiority over those who have differing political opinions from your own.

Like I said, I don't live in one of those shithole states.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Mr.MantraMan glad you enjoyed Dark Winter. If you could drop a line or two in the reviews section it would appreciated... if it's a good review you understand, no need to trouble yourself if it's a bad one.

In answer to your question, yes there are very dark clouds on the horizon for recruiters. For the first time since the late 1990s they will have to be recruiting in, a good economy with descent opportunities for young men.

Today's recruiter has been in an environment where the recruits have fallen out of the sky for nearly twenty years because, "hey, it's four years of guaranteed employment with medical, dental, optical, 30 days paid vacay and even food and housing thrown in. No one in their command structure has had deal with this in their careers unless they were thirty year lifers.

You can thank Donald Trump for that one.

Johnny said...

Burning wood produces pollution, which can be an issue in some areas. In most rural area it is low level and dissipates. Just like them to make a rule for a few poorly ventilated urban areas and then make everybody follow it. Not sure if they are still doing it, but for a while they were after feed mills because of the dust. Again a common non hazard where it occurred. They forced some mills to close down ventilation and got some dust explosions.

Where I live the big hassle with wood burning is that insurance companies don't like it. Generally you can do it with good equipment.

Mr. Bee said...

Sounds like ideas that should be incorporated into a prequel to "1984".